Bīrūnī, Muḥammad ibn Aḥmad, Alberuni's India (v. 1)

(London :  Kegan Paul, Trench, Trübner & Co.,  1910.)



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254                        ALBERUNPS INDIA.

They live in  eternal joy,  without ever  being sorry.
According to Vishnu-Purdna, the names of their castes
are Aryaka, Kurura, Viviihsa (Vivariisa), and Bhavin (?),
and they worship Vasudeva.
3. Kus'a-           The third Dvipa is Kusa-Dvlpa.    According to the

Dvipa.              T^ _!            Ti      ^           •      1                                                 .                         .   .

Matsya-Purdna  it   has   seven   mountains   containing
jewels, fruit, flowers, odoriferous plants, and cereals.
One of them, named Drona, contains famous medicines
or drugs, particularly the visalyakarana, which heals
every wound instantaneously, and mritasamjivctn, which
restores the dead to life.    Another one, called hari, is
similar to a black cloud.    On this mountain there is a
fire called Mahisha, which has come out of the water,
and will remain there till the destruction of the world ;
it is this very fire which will burn the world.    Kusa-
Dvipa has   seven   kingdoms  and  innumerable  rivers
flowing to the sea, which are then changed by Indra
into rain.    To the greatest rivers belong Jaunu (Ya¬
muna), which purifies  from  all sins.    About the in¬
habitants of this Dvipa, Matsya-Purdna does not give
any information.     According to   Vislmu-Purdnct the
inhabitants are pious, sinless people, every one of them
living 10,000  years.    They worship   Jandrdctna,  and
the names of their castes are Damin, Sushmin, Sneha,
^^' and Mandeha.
Kraniica-     The fourth, or Kraunca-Dvipa, has, according to the
Matsya-Purdna, mountains containing   jewels,  rivers
which are branches of the Ganges, and kingdoms the
people of which have a white colour and are pious and
p^ige 127.     pure.    According to  Vishnu-Purdna the people there
live in one and the same place without any distinction
among members of the community, but afterwards it
says  that  the  names of  their   castes are Pushkara,
Pushkala,   Dhanya,  and   Tishya  (?).     They   worship
5. saimaia-      Thc fifth, OT  Salmala-Dvipa, has, according to the
Dvipa.        Matsya-Purdna, mountains and rivers.    Its inhabitants

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