Bīrūnī, Muḥammad ibn Aḥmad, Alberuni's India (v. 1)

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26o                        ALBERUNPS INDIA.

Rivers of this name on its western banks, and the river Canda-
raha join each other nearly fifty miles above Jahravar,
and pass along west of Multan.

The river Biyah flows east of Multan, and joins after¬
wards the Biyatta and Candaraha.

The river Irava is joined by the river Kaj, which rises
in Nagarkot in the mountains of Bhatul. Thereupon
follows as the fifth the river Shatladar (Satlej).

After these five rivers have united below Multan
at a place called Pancanada, i.e. the meeting-place of
the five rivers, they form an enormous watercourse.
In flood-times it sometimes swells to such a degree
as to cover nearly a space of ten farsakh, and to rise
above the tree of the plains, so that afterwards the
rubbish carried by the floods is found in their highest
branches like birds-nests.

The Muslims call the river, after it has passed the
Sindhi city Aror, as a united stream, the river of
Mihrdn. Thus it extends, flowing straight on, be¬
coming broader and broader, and gaining in purity of
water, enclosing in its course places like islands, until
it reaches Almansura, situated between several of its
arms, and flows into the ocean at two places, near the
city Loharani, and more eastward in the province of
Kacch at a place called Sindhu-sdgara, i.e. the Sindh
Eranian           As the uamo uuiou of the five rivers occurs in this

part of the world (in Panjab), we observe that a similar
name is used also to the north of the above-mentioned
mountain chains, for the rivers which flow thence
towards the north, after having united near Tirmidh
aud having formed the river of Balkh, are called the
union of the seven rivers. The Zoroastrians of Sogdiana
have confounded these two things ; for they say that
the whole of the seven rivers is Siiidh, and its upper
course Baridish. A man descending on it sees the
sinking of the sun on  his right side if he turns hig

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