Bīrūnī, Muḥammad ibn Aḥmad, Alberuni's India (v. 1)

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3i6                        ALBERUNPS INDIA.

Al-arkand (v. p. 312), The double of it, 6400, comes
near the number mentioned by Ibn Tarik (i.e. 6596^^^,
V. p. 312), being only about 200 yojanas smaller.

We shall now give the latitudes of some places, as we
hold them to be correct,
AoMticism       All canons of the Hindus agree in this that the line

of Arya-                             .                                    •inr               t    • i            i            3           /

bhataof      couuecting  Lahka   with   Meru   divides  the   ocKovpevr]

Kusuma-        ,            -                  .                                             -1      1          •                          1              i

puraonthe Icngthways lu two halvcs, and that it passes through

meridian of      ,          .            ...                                             f>   -ri   i •      i            1

Ujain.         the City ot   Ujam, the fortress ot Rohitaka, the river

Yamuna, the plain of Taneshar, and the Cold Moun¬
tains. The longitudes of the places are measured by
their distance from this line. On this head I know of
no difference between them except the following pas¬
sage in the book of Aryabhata of Kusumapura :—

"People say that Kurukshetra, i.e. the plain of
Taneshar, lies on the line which connects Lahka with
Meru and passes through Ujain. So they report on
the authority of Pulisa. But he was much too intelli¬
gent not to have known the subject better. The times
of the eclipses prove that statement to be erroneous,
and Prithusvamin maintains that the difference be¬
tween the longitudes of Kurukshetra and Ujain is 120

These are the words of Aryabhata.
ontheiati- Ya'kub Ibu Tarik says in his book entitled The Com-
uiaL° position of the Spheres, that the latitude of Ujain is 4f
degrees, but he does not say whether it lies in the north
or the south. Besides, he states it, on the authority of
the book At-Arkand, to be 4f degrees. We, however^
have found a totally different latitude of Ujain in
the same book in a calculation relating to the distance
between Ujain and Almansura, which the author calls
Brahmanavata, i.e. Bamhanwa, viz. latitude of Ujain,
22° 29'; latitude of Almanshra, 24° i'.

According to the same book, the straight shadow in
Lohaniyye, i.e. Loharani, is 5f digits.
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