Bīrūnī, Muḥammad ibn Aḥmad, Alberuni's India (v. 2)

(London :  Kegan Paul, Trench, Trübner & Co.,  1910.)



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lo                         ALBERUNTS INDIA.

ing to our gauge-year, viz. 953, and subtract 848 from
it, the remainder, 105, is the year of the laukika-kdla,
whilst the destruction of Somanath falls in the ninety-
eighth year of the centennium or laukika-kdla.

Durlabha says, besides, that the year begins with the
month Margasirsha, but that the astronomers of Multan
begin it with Caitra.
Origin of the The Hiudus had kings residing in Kabul, Turks who
the Shahs of wcro Said to bc of Tibetan origin. The first of them,
Barhatakin, came into the country and entered a cave
in Kabul, which none could enter except by creeping
on hands and knees. The cave had water, and besides
he deposited their victuals for a certain number of
days. It is still known in our time, and is called Var.
People who consider the name of Barhatakin as a good
omen enter the cave and bring out some of its water
with great trouble.

Certain troops of peasants were working before the
door of the cave. Tricks of this kind can only be
carried out and become notorious, if their author has
made a secret arrangement with somebody else—in
fact, with confederates. Now these had induced per¬
sons to work there continually day and night in turns,
so that the place was never empty of people.

Some days after he had entered the cave, he began
to creep out of it in the presence of the people, who
looked on him as a new-born baby. He wore Turkish
dress, a short tunic open in front, a high hat, boots and
arms. Now people honoured him as a being of mira¬
culous origin, who had been destined to be king, and in
fact he brought those countries under his sway and
ruled them under the title of a shdhiya of Kabul.
The rule remained among his descendants for gene¬
rations, the number of which is said to be about

Unfortunately the Hindus do not pay much attention
to the historical order of things, they are very careless
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