Bīrūnī, Muḥammad ibn Aḥmad, Alberuni's India (v. 2)

(London :  Kegan Paul, Trench, Trübner & Co.,  1910.)



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CHAPTER LVII.                              99

prognosticating something which concerns those per¬
sons or circumstances."

" The rules relating to the stations Svati and Sravana samuid,

M                                          1       •                   -T.      1     •       A          TT7-1                             *        chap.   XXV.

are similar to those relating to Rohmi.     When you are v. i, on
in the white days of the month Ashadha, when the Lavafia.
moon stands in  either of the two stations Ashadha,
i.e. Piirva-ashadha or Uttara-ashadha, select a spot as
you have  selected it for Rohini, and take a balance Page 251.
of gold.    That is the best.    If it is of silver, it is g^'^^^x^i
middling.    If it is not   of  silver,  make   it  of wood ^- s
called khctyctr,  which   seems to  be the khadira tree
(i.e. Acacia catechu), or of the head of an arrow with
which already a man has been killed.    The smallest
measure for the length of its beam is a span.    The
longer it is, the  better;   the shorter it is, the less

V. 6.—A scale has four strings, each 10 digits long.
Its two scales are of linen cloth of the size of 6 digits.
Its two weights are of gold.

V. 7, 8.—Weigh by it equal quantities of each
matter, water of the wells, of the ponds, and of the
rivers, elephants' teeth, the hair of horses, pieces of gold
with the names of kings written on them, and pieces of
other metal over which the names of other people, or the
names of animals, years, days, directions, or countries
have been pronounced.

V. I.—In weighing, turn towards the east; put the
weight in the right scale, and the things which are to
be weighed in the left. Recite over them and speak to
the balance:

V. 2.—' Thou art correct; thou art Deva, and the
wife of a Deva. Thou art Sarasvatl, the daughter of
Brahman. Thou revealest the right and the truth.
Thou art more correct than the soul of correctness.

V. 3.—Thou art like the sun and the planets in their
wandering from east to west on one and the same road.

V. 4.—Through thee stands upright the order of the
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