Bīrūnī, Muḥammad ibn Aḥmad, Alberuni's India (v. 2)

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CHAPTER LXXIV.                          173

in the evening. On the third day he eats nothing
except what by chance is given him without his asking
for it.    On the fourth day he fasts.

Another kind, called pctrdka, is this : A man takes
his food at noon on three consecutive days. Then he
transfers his eating-hour to the evening during three
further consecutive days. Then he fasts uninterrup¬
tedly during three consecutive days without breaking

Another kind, called candrdyctna, is this: A man
fasts on the day of full moon ; on the following day he
takes only a mouthful, on the third day he takes double
this amount, on the fourth day the threefold of it, &c.
&c., going on thus till the day of new moon. On that
day he fasts ; on the following days he again diminishes
his food by one mouthful a day, till he again fasts on
the day of full moon.

Another kind, called mdsavdsa (mdsopavdsa), is this :
A man uninterruptedly fasts all the days of a month
without ever breaking fast.
. The Hindus explain accuratelv what reward the latter Reward of

c        •         •                        •        1                  ^        ''•^^   ^     •                                  r            ^^^'^ fasting

fasting m every single month will bring to a man for a in the single
new life of his after he has died.    They say :

If a man fasts all the days of Caitra, he obtains wealth
and joy over the nobility of his children.

If he fasts Vaisakha, he will be a lord over his tribe
and great in his army.

If he fasts Jyaishtha, he will be a favourite of the

If he fasts Ashadha, he will obtain wealth.-

If he fasts Sravana, he obtains wisdom.

If he fasts Bhadrapada, he obtains health and valour,
riches and cattle.

If he fasts Asvayuja, he will always be victorious
over his enemies.

If he fasts Karttika, he will be grand in the eyes of
people and will obtain his wishes.
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