Bīrūnī, Muḥammad ibn Aḥmad, Alberuni's India (v. 2)

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192                          ALBERUNTS INDIA.

The same applies to that civil day which compre¬
hends a complete lunar day, whose beginning, besides,
falls in the latter part of the preceding lunar day,
and whose end falls in the beginning of the following
lunar day. Such a day is called traJiagctttcttct (?). It
is unlucky, but favourable to earn in it a heavenly

When the days of 'Anctrdtra, i.e. the days of the de-
crectse (see ii. 25), sum up so as to form one complete
day, it is unlucky and reckoned among the punyct-
kdlct. This takes place according to Brahmagupta
in 62|-f;-f-ff civil days, ^2^-1^%-^^ solar days, 63ff;-f~|f
lunar days.

According to Pulisa, it takes place in 62-H;|-tI|- civil
days, 63|-f;|-fl- lunar days, 62-^^^^^ solar days.

The moment when a complete leap-month without
any fraction is summed up, is unlucky, and is not
reckoned among the punyctkdla. According to Brahma¬
gupta, this takes place in 990/^1^1211 civil days, 976-/^^^
solar days, lOOO-g^^"^ lunar days.
Times             Tlmcs which are considered as unlucky, to which no

merit whatsoever is attributed, are, e.g., the times of
earthquakes. Then the Hindus beat with the pots of
their households against the earth and break them, in
order to get a good omen and to banish the mishap.
As times of a similar ill nature, the book Sctmhitd
further enumerates the moments of landslips, the fall¬
ing of stars, red glow in the sky, the combustion of
the earth by lightning, the appearance of comets, the
occurrence of events contrary both to nature and
custom, the entering of the wild beasts into the villages,
rainfall when it is not the season for it, the trees
putting forth leaves when it is not the season for it,
when the nature of one season of the year seems trans¬
ferred to another, and more of the like.

The book SrlXdhctva, attributed to Mahadeva, says
the following:

of earth-
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