Bīrūnī, Muḥammad ibn Aḥmad, Alberuni's India (v. 2)

(London :  Kegan Paul, Trench, Trübner & Co.,  1910.)



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Jupiter, Venus and the Moon, which are called sctum-
yagraha. Other three are throughout unlucky, viz.
Saturn, Mars, and the Sun, which are called krUragraha.
Among the latter, they also count the dragon's head,
though in reality it is not a star. The nature of one
planet is variable and depends upon the nature of that
planet with which it is combined, whether it be lucky
or unlucky. This is Mercury. However, alone by
itself, it is lucky.

The   following  table represents the natures of the
seven planets and everything else concerning them :—
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