Bīrūnī, Muḥammad ibn Aḥmad, Alberuni's India (v. 2)

(London :  Kegan Paul, Trench, Trübner & Co.,  1910.)



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2i6                        ALBERUNTS INDIA.

Expiana-          The columu of this table which indicates the order

toYhe°''''    of the size and power of the planets, serves for the
taWe. "'^    following purposc :—Sometimes  two planets indicate
exactly the same thing, exercise the same influence, and
stand in the same relation to the event in question.
In this case, the preference is given to that planet which,
in the column in question, is described as the larger or
the more powerful of the two.
The months      ^}^q column relating to the months of pregnancy is to
nancy.        "be completed by the remark that they consider the eighth
month as standing under the influence of a horoscope
which causes abortion.    According to them, the embryo
takes, in this month, the fine substances of the food.    If
it takes all of them and is then born, it will remain
alive; but if it is born before that, it will die from some
deficiency in its formation.    The ninth month stands
under the influence of the moon, the tenth under that
of the sun.    They do not speak of a longer duration of
pregnancy, but if it happens to last longer, they believe
that, during this time, some injury is brought about by
the wind.    At the time of the horoscope of abortion,
which they determine by tradition, not by calculation.
Page 304.     they observe the conditions and influences of the planets
and give their decision accordingly as this or that planet
happens to preside over the month in question.
Friendsiiip       The qucstion as to the friendship and enmity of the
of^thT™'*^  planets among each other, as well as the influence of
planets.       ^^^^ domiuus domus, is of great importance in their astro¬
logy.    Sometimes it may happen that, at a particular
moment of time, this dominium entirely loses its original
character.    Further on we shall give a rule as to the
computation of the dominium and its single years.
Tiie zodiacal     There is no difference between us and the Hindus
regarding the number twelve as   the  number of the
signs of the ecliptic, nor regarding the manner in which
the dominium of the planets is distributed over them.

The following table shows what qualities are peculiar
to each zodiacal sign as a whole:—

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