Bīrūnī, Muḥammad ibn Aḥmad, Alberuni's India (v. 2)

(London :  Kegan Paul, Trench, Trübner & Co.,  1910.)



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352                          ALBERUNTS INDIA.

vctri Vdriiscct on p. 394. Wilson reads the second name

Mcthdviryct, name of Indra in the ninth Manvantara,
instead of Adbhuict, rests on a misinterpretation of these
words : teshdm^ indrS mahetviryo bhctvishycttyadbhitto dvijct.

Sudhctrmettmctn.—The Sanskrit text has Sarvadharmd.

Devata- Vdniqjctdevdsca, instead of Devavett and Upctdeva,
rests on a wrong division of the words devctvdnupadevctscct.

Vicitret-adyd, a mistake for vieitrctdyd, i.e. Vicitret and

Urur, Gahhi (sic MS.), Budhnyct-ctelyet, a mistake for
iiTurgahhirabudhnycldyd, i.e. Uru, Gahhira, Buelhnyct, anel

P. 388.—The same book relates, viz., Vishiu-Purdnet, iii.
p. 20.

On Priyavrctta, v. ibid. ii. p. loi.

P. 389.—A p)ious wometn, viz., Arundhati, v. p. 390.

P. 390.—On the Seven Rishis, or Ursa Major, cf Cole¬
brooke, "Essays," ii. 310.                   ' .

P. 391.—The almanac or calendar from Kashmir for the
Saka-year 951 (a.d. 1029) is quoted in two other places,
ii. 5 and ii. 8.

P. 391.—On the ancient astronomer Garga, cf. Kern,
Brhat Setnhitd, preface, pp. 33 seq.

P. 392. Only by 525 years.— Gf. on Varidiamiliiret note
to p. 54.

P. 392. I{eiretnasdret by Vittesvara.— Vide note to p.

P. 394.—This table is taken from Vishnu-Purdna, book
iii. chaps, i. and ii.

2. Mctuvantaret: Dattu Nirishahha.—A mistake for Dat-
toni Rishetbha.

Nisvarct.—Alberuni read Nirsavct.

Scorvari Vctmsca.—The author has wrongly divided the
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