Shackle, C. Umrāʻo Jān Adā a glossary (v. 1)

([London :  SOAS,  1970?])



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(24-25)        Gauhar Mirza's background r  the son of a Navab and Bam
Domni, who lives next  to Husaini^s brother.  Qauhar
Miraa*s pranks: one day he is thrashed by the Maulvi v«.*,o
is teaching him for throwing his ©hoes in the mosque ta*"; u
He comes home looking terribleis Buoaini takes pity ■
and gets Banno to send him to 'her* Maulvi»

(25-26)        After a while, when Umrao is about 13, they start gettir:-r
on well.  Both musical, they go round entertaining the
older courtesans.  Amir Jan is especially fond of Gcuriii-v
MItzbl^b  singing."

(26)                                   Interlude: Amir Jan described when young (verse)i

Umrao and Rusva talk about what has happened to h-

(26«-27)        Description of Gauhar Mirsa and his attractive cheekinesB*

(26)                                   Interlude: Rusva hints that he has -known Banno,

(26)                            Their merry life as children^ visiting the courteBajis*

rooms, being given pcm, sweets, and hookahs to smoke,,

(27-29)                            Interlude:  Rusva asks Umrao when she started to p-" "'

She admits that she has taken opium as a medicine, oui,
has given up wine.  This leads to an interchange of
verses on the themes of wine~drinking and the happy day:
of youth*

(29-30)        Description of the splendid missl arranged by Khanum for
Bismillah, paid for by Navab Chabban,  Bismillah becomes:
his mistreas,

(3O-3I)                            Interlude: Umrao protests about have to tell Busva ail

about prostitutes,  Husva waves her objections '^—' "
saying they are unfitting in an educated woman* Veraes
are again exchanged, leading to Rusva joking about his
'spiritual children' - the numerous poets of Luckno';^ *bij
have adopted his pen-name*

(32)                                   Interlude:  Rusva urgeE^ Umrao to continue, citing the

singing of obscene wedding-songs as a precedent:  this
i8 briefly discussed*

(32-34)        Khureshid and Amir also have their mis si ceremonies and

proper establishments*  Tl'ieir airs and wiles are described

(34-35)        Filled with envy, Umrao is compelled to live in Bua

Husaini's wretched room^      When she is l4 she starts lookirj
at herself in the mirror.
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