Shackle, C. Umrāʻo Jān Adā a glossary (v. 1)

([London :  SOAS,  1970?])



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Th© l8-year old Navab Sultan comes to spend a private:
evening with Umrao*  His handsomeness described*
deli|jl).tful conversation, and his happiness at finding
Umrao too is fond of poetry, like himself*

They are rudely interrupted by the gate^'Crashing Khan
Sahib, who starts to be familiar with Umrao, and insulting
to Navab Sultan, when he protests.  Stung beyond
endurance, ?^avA.b Sultan shoots him*  His truety servant,
Sh0.msher Khan gets the Navab away to avoid a scandal«
The kptval is summoned and gets rid of the Khan Sahib..

Navab Sultan stops coming, but Umrao sees him some ■--
at another wedding, where she is performing,  She fif-^ndt; \a\\,
a verse message through his little brother, and he --.'rrari,-?-;-.
for their meeting again via Shamsher Khan.  TJiey .-if-1 .t
his friend's house in Navaaganj, with many delightful
evenings, until they are separated at la,st (verse)*

Interlude; Husva commente on Umrao*s beauty again^ and
asko her for more verses from the poem she has just quoted^


Umrao enters the service of the elderly Navab Jafar Ali
Khan (described),   who ma.intainG a courtesan because it;  is
the done thing,

Umrao*s affectionate mem,oi*y of the old Navab,   especially
because of the skill at nyirsiya-^singing he handed on to her*:
Tlie splendour of Huharram obfijervances at Khanum*s,      Umrao^t,?
fame as a mxrsiya-singer brings her uoiiice at Gouyt^  arid .'.she
is given an appointment as a niarsiya-singer*



Navab Chabban*s uncle returns from Kerbela (where he*a been,
at time of Bismillah*e jTd.£s|^) to press him to marr)
daughter*  He comes in one; evening to Chabban*s
v/here Bismillah and umrao are attending a party, .ilifid saye he
will strip Gliabban of all his poseessions*  The bjb.iliffe

throw everyone out,

The girls return home* and Chabban is

forced to take refuge with an old servant (Mateiidum^Bakhah}»

Bismillah has a pariy^ at which Mia,n Hasnu (Chabban*6
factotum) is guest.  He offers to make B-ismillah his
mistress (having lined his pockets with Chabban*s money)«.
Bismillah teases and insults him, then tricks him into-
giving her for nothing a pair of bracelets he has
diehoneetly acquired from Chabban.
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