Shackle, C. Umrāʻo Jān Adā a glossary (v. 1)

([London :  SOAS,  1970?])



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Bismillah tells Umrao that it was because the Maulvi had
been nasty to her pet monkey.

Interludes Rusva rema.krB on the appropriatener.   '
punishment, and says the Maulvi deserved what h-

On another occasion, Bismillah was singing and jc'^ing to
the Maulvi's delight, when a young man turns up« Birimi.'I'i'
pitches into him: he and the Maulvi glare at each .''''-
The young man leaves, but the Maulvi keeps coming,

Interlud©: ■ --Rusva coro,ments on the loyalty shown by
lovers in the old days.

Another day, while Umi*ao ie with Bismillah and the Maulvi^
Gauhar Mirxa comes in and makes fun of the Maulvi by
pretending to be intimate with Bismillah*  Umrao takes
pity on him, and shows him GauMr Mirsa is really her map^
to Bismillah*s annoyance and the Maulvi*s relief*

Interlude: Rusva objects that the Maulvi could not hav^
been that pure a lover if he got so jealous: Umrao
sticks up for him.



Description of Khurshid, the most beautiful girl in the
establiehment but completely lacking in the hardriess
necessary to be a successful courtesan, and hopeless at
singing and dancing.  Her craving for love:  she fHlls fc-r
Piyare Sahib, her admirer, who soon stops pa,ying for her v>fbe^'
he realises her infatuation.  His father is ruined, but ae
refuses to marry her«

Khurshid*s credulous belief in fakirs and yogis^
her and take her money*


Her even temper, only broken v/hen Piyare Sahib comes in hi&
wedding-suit, which she rips off him (cf, pp*4l-2)«  Thef
she gets ill, and even after recovery, she takes no intereoi
in men, to Khanum*s despair»



One evening during the rainy season, Khurshid, Bisffii].,lah,
Amir Jan and Umrao prepare to go to the Aish Bagh fair*
Khanum is luckily indisposed.  Descriptions of Khurshid and

Description of the fair*  Umrao*a fondness for watching
people at public gatherings: a few vignettes of different
kinds of people at the fair*
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