Shackle, C. Umrāʻo Jān Adā a glossary (v. 1)

([London :  SOAS,  1970?])



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spna bwra                                             'what  \h bad tQ-^ :fc x'^

pachtana                                               to be- sorry 3,  ^'^ ^-r.-^

iii k©hs hua                            * ^int V, - -   -ye hio 3dld case to pa^e*

coquetry^,  affectation^  airs
l^Se Y«jy"2   "nme    *ne hez':-''^i tr pl&.y up/
play I^                ^t/yut or.   >  '.         ^ncc*^

the ^K?ra ^ij.r«     In phr&5t&>   .-^tn ^':^^iJ,i'&,
t'^s no^^alJ"    "Dlies soiaa oori. of
soA' olenessj

€i|;hor| pehar                                         ^ali. e^£:._t   «it j.'^j?^ * ¥s -.l.  l,'-«y ai,l night3.

24 hours

jan diya d#ti hsy                              *?ras giving, u^ It^r li'iV*  s ^^/t-s 0.11 the

noint rvf d66Lt': with lov^

pi-|na.                                                    to ''■'    t        k'    ,   In aoisrrlf.g)

xanwrn ko aurst m rts^frat ho yC  ^Khanux l.^j          * r^t'-^  Ler f*^c*^%  i*e«^

KhanujKs r/ti-s su sod up  #ifch the way aitie wss

oariyin^ on that Eha  could hardly bear to
look at hor*



m9rd-a.dM,                                             mm^ .g©ntl8ias.n

joru                                                      ?/lf0

miyaq bivi                                               husband aad i^ife

nybah                                                          steadfastnsasj keeping going w3,tb,

iaglng well to g«t on with

paoij dh.o dho ke pina                          'to drink tiie wat@r ,ln wLlch feet hays

b©en ^,7ash0-" t  to show grei^t respect/
&ff^                          de to

on cons.'"..'4 -zX'ift

truely       ^ y?e

talwa                                                    sole of feat

t©lwon kl bsrab..>ri naliirLkar s©te&    'not

tc be able to aqual the solea of• » not
fit t'> l-i >    is  dhr.ea of^  eto*


n©k-tor^nak*top,                             turning up tiie nosai^  sneering

ky xwda kX i^nah                               *that (one must seek)  x*efuge with &od'

they wera utterly :jjitolerabl©

afna                                                      lover



i~s®Tal                                               l^ex-l^h^abls^  eve-rlasting
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