Alumni catalogue of the Union Theological Seminary in the City of New York 1836-1936.

(New York :  [The Seminary?],  1937.)



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1836                                           THOMAS McAULEY                                            1840

Born Coleraine (?), Ireland, Apl. 21, 1778, Union College, 1804; tutor,
ditto, 1805-06; lecturer (Mathematics and Natural Philosophy), ditto, 1806-
14; professor, ditto, 1814-22; ordained (Presbytery of Albany), JI. 16, 1818;
pastor (Rutgers), New York City, 1822-29; pastor (Tenth), Philadelphia,
Pa., 1829-33; pastor (Third Associate Reformed: Murray St.-Eighth St.),
New York City, 1833-45; first president Board of Directors, first president,
Faculty, first professor (Sacred Rhetoric, Pastoral Theology and Church
Government), Union Theological Seminary, 1836-40; member of Auburn
Convention, 1837; died New York City, May 11, 1862. D.D., Union College,
1822;   LL.D.,   University   of   Dublin;   moderator,   General   Assembly,   1826.

1840                                                TOEL PARKER                                                1842

Born Bethel, Vt, Aug. 27, 1799; Hamilton College, 1824; Auburn Theological
Seminary, 1824-26; ordained (Presbytery of Rochester), Feb., 1827; pastor
(Third), Rochester, N. Y., 1826-30; pastor (Dey St.), New York City, 1830-
33; pastor (First), New Orleans, La., 1833-38; pastor (Congregational,
Broadway Tabernacle), New York City, 1838-40; president, and professor
(Sacred Rhetoric), Union Theological Seminary, 1840^2; pastor (Presby¬
terian, Clinton St.), Philadelphia, Pa., 1842-52; pastor (Bleecker St.),
New York City, 1852-62; pastor (Park St.), Newark, N. J., 1862-68; died
New York City, May 2, 1873.   D.D., College of New Jersey, 1839.

1873                                            WILLIAM ADAMS                                             1880

Born Colchester, Ct, Jan. 25, 1807; Phillips Academy; Yale College, 1827;
Andover Theological Seminary, 1827-30; resident licentiate, ditto, 1830-31;
ordained (Congregational council), Feb. 2, 1831; pastor, Brighton, Mass.,
1831-34; pastor (Broome St.-Central Presbyterian), New York City, 1834-53;
professor extraordinary (Sacred Rhetoric), Union Theological Seminary,
1838^0; pastor (Madison Square), New York City, 1853-73; director, Union
Theological Seminary, 1836-80; instructor (Church Polity), ditto, 1871-72;
president, and Brown professor (Sacred Rhetoric), Union Theological Semi-
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