Bernier, François, Travels in the Mogul Empire A.D. 1656-1668

(Westminster, Eng. :  Constable,  1891.)



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xxvi             A BIBLIOGRAPHY OF THE

Pressmark 1434. a.—of the issue of Tome 11. as a separate work in the
same year, viz. 1670. A careful examination and measurement of the
volume in question (which was at one time in the possession of Henri
Ternaux—afterwards Ternaux-Compans—the well-known historian
and bibliographer of books of early travel, each of the outside covers
bearing his well-known crest, a ram's head, with his initials H. T. m
Gothic letters, all stamped in gold), has convinced the writer that
there is an error in the entry. The mistake has arisen from the fact
that some owner of the volume has erased the words ' tome ii.' from
the title-page. The British Museum cataloguer has thus been led to
suppose that he had a copy of a ' reissue' in his hands; this belief
being strengthened, perhaps, by the fact of the volume having the
leaf with the Extrait du Privilege du Roy at the end, following page
294, as in the copy with 'tome ii.' on the title-page described above.
The volume in question is half-bound in calf, gilt tooling and orna¬
ments in the Ternaux-Compans style, and is lettered at the back
EVENEMENTS I des etats 1 DU MOGUL | PARIS 1670.  |

2                  SviTE 1 DES I MEMOIRES j DV.Si^ BERNIER, i svr | l'empire |

Paris 1671.     DV grand mogol. | dediez AV ROY \ [Ornament] 1 A Paris, | Chez

2 vols.   '     clavde barbin, au Palais, | fur le Peron de  la  Sainte | Chapelle. 1

12mo.          M.DC. Lxxi j avec privilege DV ROY. I

[Title-page. Pages 3-178. Letter to Monsieur de la Mothe le
Vayer, written at Dehli 1st July 1663, descriptive of Dehli and Agra
etc. Blank leaf. Pages 1-137, Letter to Monsieur Chapelain, de¬
spatched from Chiras in Persia, 4th October 1667, concerning the
superstitions etc. of the Indous or Gentiles of Hindoustan. Pages
1-69, Letter to Monsieur Chapelle, despatched from Chiras in Persia,
loth June 1668, regarding his intention of resuming his studies of
some points relating to the atomic theory, and the nature of the
human understanding.]

Svite i DES I MEMOIRES j dv S^BERNIER, | svR | l'empire ;
DV grand mogol. I DEDIEZ AV ROY. \ [Ornament] | A PARIS, i Chez
CLAVDE barbin, au Palais, | fur le Perron de la Sainte | Chapelle. |

[Title-page. General title to the series of letters descriptive of the
journey to Kashmir made in 1664 in the suite of the Great Mogol, one
leaf Pages 5-285. The series of nine letters to Monsieur de Merveilles,
the first being written from Dehli on the 14th December 1664, Aureng-
zebe being then about to start. Pages 286-293. ' Some particulars
omitted to be inserted in my first work, which will serve to improve
the map of Hindoustan, and afford details concerning the Revenue of
the Great Mogol.' On verso of page 293 an abstract of the King's
Licence (for a translation, see p. 461  of this volume) given in Tome
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