Bernier, François, Travels in the Mogul Empire A.D. 1656-1668

(Westminster, Eng. :  Constable,  1891.)



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II. of 1670, to which is appended the certificate of registration of the
publication as follows ;—

Registre fur le Liv7-e de la Commtinaute des Libraires c^ Inipi'i-
meurs de Paris, le 13. Aouft 1670.    Signe Lovis Se\'estre, Syndic.

The I HISTORY | of ] tL'^t BaU (g-ivotution \ of | Zltt empire              3

of t^t i GREA T MOGOL : \ TOGETHER WITH | The moft considerable  London 1671.
Passages, [ for 5 years following in that Empij'e. \ To which is added,        2 vols.
I A LETTER to the Lord COLBERT, \ touching the extent oiLndostan |           8vo.

the I Circulation of the Gold and Silver of | the World, to difcharge
it felf there ; [ as also the Riches, Forces, and Justice \ of the fame :
And the Principal Caufe | of the Decay of the States of Afia. \ By
Monsr F. Bernier, \ Phyfitian of the Faculty of Montpelier. \
Englijh'd out of French. \ LONDON \ Printed, and sold by Mofes Pitt \
at the White Hart in Little Britain, Simon Miller \ at the Star in St.
Pauls Church-Yard, ■scad. John \ Starkey at the Miter 1\&3X Temple-Bar,
1671. I

[Title-page. Seven pages, an extract of a letter written to Mr.
H[enry] 0[ldenburg] from M-owS' de Monceaux the younger, giving a
character of the book here Englished, and its Author. Six pages, 77(1!'
Heads of the Principal Contents of this History, Added by the'English
Interpreter. One page, Errata of Tome I. and Tome II. Pages 1-258,
The history of the late Revolution of the Dominions of the Great
Mogol. ]

(paritcufdr (Ewenfe; I or the j Most Considerable | passages | After
the War of Five Years, or | thereabout, in the Empire of the Great
Mogol. | Together with a Letter concern-| ing the Extent oiINDOSTAN;
the [ Circulation of the Gold and Silver at | laft fwallow'd up there ;
the Riches, Forces, Justice, and the Principal Cause of the Decay of
the States of ASIA. \ TOM. 11. j London, Printed by S. G. for Moses
Pitt at I the White Hart in Little Britain, 1671.

[Title-page as above. Pages 1-176, Particular events etc. Pages
1-102, Letter to Colbert. Map of The empire of the Great mogol.
This map has been copied from the one in the First French edition,
Paris, 1670, some of the names have been Anglicized, and, although not
quite so well engraved, it is printed on better paper. One leaf, Ad¬
vertisement of the publication by M. Pitt of an English translation,
price IS. 6d. in 8vo. of the voyage of Roland Frefis of Marfeilles to
Mauritania in Africk, in 1666, by the French King's Order.]

A continuation I of THE I MEMOIRES I of 1 Monfieur Bernier,
Concerning the | Empire of the Great Mogol: \ Wherein is contained
I. An exact Defcription of dehli | and agra, the Capital Cities of   '""*2"vols


Loudon 1672.
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