Bernier, François, Travels in the Mogul Empire A.D. 1656-1668

(Westminster, Eng. :  Constable,  1891.)



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man to right, with NGN solus to left.] ] t'AMSTELDAM, | By Johannes
Janssonius van | Waesberge. 1672. |

[Engraved title-page, as above. Printed title-page, as above. Two
pages, the Translator to the Reader, dated Utrecht, 1st May 1672, and
signed Simon de Vries. Map Imperii | Magni Mogolis | Novif-
fima Defcriptio. \ Pages 1-140, History of the late Revolution, etc.
Title-page to vol. ii. Pages 3-162, Occurrences after the war and the
letter to Colbert. Title-page to vol. iii. Pages 3-94, Letter to
Monsieur De la Mothe le Vayer. Pages 95-168, Letter to Monsieur
Chappelain {sic). Pages 169-200, Letter to Monsieur Chapelle. Title-
page to voh iv. Pages 3-146, The series of nine letters to Monsieur
de Merveilles on the journey to Kashmir, etc. Pages 147-151, Some
particulars forgotten to be inserted in the first volume, etc. The
Translator has taken the trouble to verify the figures, but has himself
fallen into an error. His words are ' De reghte reeckeningh is ; Over
de 230. Millionen Roupies, of meer als 345. Millionen guldens sijnde
3450. Tonnen Gouds.' Which may be English'd thus ; ' The correct
amount of this statement is above 230 millions of rupees, or more than
345 millions of gulders which would amount to 3450 tons of gold. ^

A very choicely printed edition, and the first with any pictorial
illustrations. There are no notes of any kind, but here and there the
French equivalent for the Dutch is given. The map of the Mogul
Empire, which has been compiled from various sources, is in many ways
superior to the one in the first French edition, and is reproduced
at page 454 of my edition. Bombay, titled Bombaja, is shown, an
early mention of the name of that city and territory ceded to Charles 11.
by the Portuguese in 1661.

The illustrations, all copperplate engravings, some of them rather
weak in their mechanical execution, are as follows : Vol. i. facing
page 12, to illustrate the incident recorded at page 13 of my edition,
Begum Sahib and her Khansaman (Steward), a mere fancy sketch ;
Begum Sahib with an ostrich plume headdress, but with a very chubby,
honest Dutch face, and so forth.    Page 58, The battle of Samiigarh.

Vol. ii. page 10, The Tartar Princess shooting arrows into a band
of Mogul soldiery, who are falling fast; see pp. 122, 123 of my edition.
Page 22, Didar Khan and the wife of the Gentile Scrivener.

Vol. iii. page 33, The Great Mogul riding in state, several of the
details correct, according to Bernier's text, as a whole a mere fancy
sketch. Page 44, An outriding {Suwari) of the Great Mogul. At
page 61 is an interesting map of the Kingdom of Kashmir, a new and
accurate  delineation  (Regni KACHEMIRE Nova et Accurata de-

1 A ton of gold = one hundred thousand gulders (Picard's Dutch Dictionary').
Tavernier constantly talks of this measure of account. The gulder may be here
taken as worth about is. gd. to is. 9^d.
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