Bernier, François, Travels in the Mogul Empire A.D. 1656-1668

(Westminster, Eng. :  Constable,  1891.)



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La Haye

? vols.



scriptio). This has been compiled from the text of Bernier's account,
and is curiously incorrect. The royal elephants falling from the Pire
Penjale (see page 408 of my edition, where this map is reproduced),
are shown thereon. At the back of the map is inserted an engraving
of an elephant fight; see page 276, et seq., also a mere fancy sketch.]

[Edition not seen.]

Frankfort -^/m.
4 vols.


[Edition not seen. It is a German translation by Johann Wilhelm
Serlin, who was also its publisher, of the first French editions, Nos.
I and 2.]

Milan 1675.
? vols.

Istoria delta ultima revoluzione delli Stati del Gran Mogor dell Sr.
Bernier tradotta in Italiano.    [Edition not seen.]

9                  Vol. i. has the same title-page as in the 1671 edition (No. 3), with

London 1676.   the addition of the words the second edition above the imprint.
2 vols.             Vol. ii. the same title-page as in the first edition, but printed by

8vo.           William Godbid.    Both these volumes are in smaller type than the

first edition, but otherwise it has been followed. The third and fourth
volumes of the first edition (No. 4) do not appear to have been re¬
printed for the second edition, but copies of the complete work, made
up with vols. i. and ii. second edition, and iii. and iv. of the first,
bound up together,'are not uncommon. Probably vols. iii. and iv. did
not sell as well as vols. i. and ii.


'°                 Collections of travels through Turkey into Persia and the East Indies,

London 1684.   giving an account of the present state of those countries.  .  .  .  Being

Folio.          f jjg travels of Monsieur Tavernier, Bernier, and other great men.  .  .  .

The second volume, London,   Printed for Moses Pitt at the Angel in

St. Paul's Churchyard, m.dc.lxxxiv.

[A reprint of the four volumes of Bernier's History of the late Revo-
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