Bernier, François, Travels in the Mogul Empire A.D. 1656-1668

(Westminster, Eng. :  Constable,  1891.)



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[This is a reprint, in 102 pages, of the letter to Monsieur de la Mothe
le Vayer, from the third volume of the London edition of 1672.
All the old errors are reproduced ; at page 77 the amusing one about
the 'toothpick,' see page 214 of the present edition. No imprint or
date, but a preface of three pages, signed W. H. T., and dated The
Camp, Dehli, January ist, 1872, which however gives no new facts,
and is based upon the information contained in Bernier's own narra¬
tive. Outside cover, white paper, bearing a crescent and star in red,
and half-title; Dehli and Agra in the time of Aurangzib.

Price one rupee.\


Relacion de el Estado presente de el Gran  Mogol segun la que           23

imprimio el Doctor en Medecina Francesco Bernier aJio de 99.         Brusselas 1701.

[In don Sebastian Fernandez de   Medrano's Relaciones Modernas.          8vo.

Pages 68-85.    A mere abstract, but cleverly done.]

Mr. F. Bernier's Voyage to Surat; containing the History of the late           24

Revolution of the Empire of the Great Mogol; together with the most   London 1745.
considerable Passages for five years following in that Empire.      To        Folio,
which is added a letter to the Lord Colbert, etc. etc.    Forming pages
102-236, vol. ii., of 'A Collection of Voyages and Travels .  . . com¬
piled from the curious and valuable library of the Earl of Oxford.  .  . .
London, Thomas Osborne, I745-'

[A modernised reprint of the English editions of 1671-72, with
various additional errors and misprints.]

SJeife beS |)errn S3ernter in ba^ Sonigrei^ Sac^emir.   Fonning           23

chapter xxiv. (pp. 99-128) of vol. xi. of Sllfgemeine $tflortc ber SRetfen Leipzig 1753.
ju SBaffer unb ju Sanbe . . Sei^^jig, beip Slrfjlee unb 2)Jerfug, 1753.           Quarto.

[A useful compilation. More especially devoted to the Kashmir
journey and description of that country. A few notes and references
to other travellers, such as Roe. At page 106, a full-page engraving,
iiiXtARauchenara Begum, a fancy picture, but founded upon authentic
details. The engravings in Valentyn's Beschryving . . . van de Levens
der Groote Mogols, 1726, having been utilised for this and other similar
pictures, such as ' Begum Saheb,' ' Chah Jehan,' etc., inserted in other
parts of the same volume as illustrations to abridgments of other
Eastern travellers. The map of India in two sheets, which forms a
frontispiece to this volume, compiled from the latest maps by M.
Bellin, Ing, de la Marine 1752, is valuable. ]
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