Bernier, François, Travels in the Mogul Empire A.D. 1656-1668

(Westminster, Eng. :  Constable,  1891.)



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La Haye 1755.


Voyage de Bernier au Royaume de Kachemire. Pages 179-210 of
vol. xiii. of Prevost d'Exiles' Histoire Generate des Voyages, ou
Nouvelle Collection de toutes les relations de voyages par mer et par
terre . . A La Haye, chez Pierre de Houdt, 1755.

[A French translation of No. 25. Copy of the engraving of
Rauchenara Begum at page 188. French edition of Bellin's map, and
in addition a French translation of Valentyn's Map of the Kingdom
of Bengal. Engraving of Begum Saheb inserted at back of plate of
Rauchenara, not as in the German edition.]

27                Bernier's voyage to the East Indies; containing the history of the
London 1811.   late revolution of the empire of the Great Mogol, ete. etc.     Pages

Quarto. 57-234 of vol. viii. of John Pinkerton's general collection of the best
and most interesting voyages and travels in all parts of the world ;
many of which are now first translated into English. Digested on a
new plan.

[A reprint of No. 24, with a few minor alterations. At page 64,
a full-page engraving of Fort Gwalior from the North-west, after the
view by Hodges. At page 150, N. E. view of the Cotsea Bhaug [Kudsia
Bagh] on the river Jumna at Dehli, after Daniell.]

28                Voyage de Bernier a Cachemire. Chapter x., pages 169-232 of
Paris 1816. vol. v. of Abrege de I'Histoire generate des voyages . . ■ Par J. F.
iOctavo.        Laharpe.    Paris, Ledoux et Tenre, 1816.

[A tolerably full abridgment of Bernier's Journey to Kashmir.]

29                Bernier. Voyage a Cachemire (1638 (sic)—1670). Pages 84-108 of
Paris 1833.     vol. xxxi. of ' Histoire universelle des voyages effectues par mer et par

Octavo. terre dans les cinq parties du Monde, sur les divers points du Globe.
. . Revus ou Traduits par M. Albert Montemont. Paris, Armand-
Aubree.'   [1833.]

[A cleverly written precis from a literary point of view. The date
1638 is evidently a misprint for 1658.]

®th£r WS^ax\& bji Jfratifois Vernier.

1.  Anatomia ridiculi Muris, hoc est, dissertatiunculje J. B. Morini
ad versus expositam a P. Gassendi philosophiam, etc. Lutetiae, 1651,

2.   Favilla ridiculi Muris, hoc est, disse tatiunculte, ridicule defensa;
a J. B. Morino, astrologo, adversus exposi am a Petro Gassendi, Epicuri
Philosophiam, etc.    Lutetife, 1653, 4°.
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