Bernier, François, Travels in the Mogul Empire A.D. 1656-1668

(Westminster, Eng. :  Constable,  1891.)



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9.   Fran9ois Bernier: In ' Vies de plusieurs personnages celebres,
etc., by C. A. Walckenaer, vol. ii., pp. 74-77.    Laon, 1830, 8°.

[A reprint of No. 5, with corrections and additions.]

10.   Frangois Bernier : In vol. i. of The lives of celebrated travellers.
By Jatnes Augustus St. John, forming vol. ii. of Colburn and Bentley's
National Library, London, 1831. [An abstract of Bernier's travels,
with an account of his life founded upon the preceding article (No. 9)
by Walckenaer, covering pages 192-220 ; well done, all the salient
features being adequately brought forward. ]

11.   Fran9ois Bernier: In 'Biographic Universelle (Michaud) an-
cienne et moderne . . nouvelle edition . . Paris, 1854 \et seq.'\ Vol. iv.
pp. 78, 79.    [Signed W[alckenae]r, a mere reprint of No. 5.]

12.   Eloge de Fran90is Bernier. Rapport de la Commission, Par
Dr. E. Farge.

[In the ' Annates de la Societe Linneenne du Departement de Maine
et Loire, 3= Annee, 1858, pp. 338-353.]

13.   Fran9ois Bernier, philosophe, medecin, et voyageur, par Dr.
Pompee Mabille.    Cosnier et Lachese : Angers, 1864, 8°.

14.   Les Correspondants de Fran9ois Bernier, pendant son voyage
dans I'Inde, par L. De Lens.

[In the ' Memoires de la Societe Nationale d'Agriculture, Sciences,
et Arts d'Angers,' 1872, voh xv., pp. 129-176. Angers, 1872. Re¬
printed in book form at Angers the same year.]

15.  Documents inedits ou peu connus sur Fran9ois Bernier, par
L. De Lens.

[In the ' Revue Historique, Litteraire, et Archeologique de I'Anjou,'
for 1872-73, vol. i. (Nouvelle serie, illustree), pp. 161-177, 332-348 ;
vol. ii. pp. 75, 92.]

16.   Fran9ois Bernier, by L. De Lens. [In Celestine Port's ' Dic¬
tionnaire Historique,'vol. i., pp. 325-328.    Paris, 1874, 8°.]

[It would be impossible to overstate the value of all that is contained
in Nos. 12-16. The original and authentic material there made known
for the first time must for ever f the basis of all succeeding Bernier
Literature. ]
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