Bernier, François, Travels in the Mogul Empire A.D. 1656-1668

(Westminster, Eng. :  Constable,  1891.)



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An     Extract    of    a     LETTER
Written   to   Mr.    H.    0.'


Monsr, de Monceaux the Younger,
Giving a Character of the Book
here  Englished^ and  its  Author.

Ertiie sometimes is no less interessed than
yijf'ection : Both, Sir, are glad lo receive from
time to time pledges mulually answering for
those that have united themselves in a close
correspondence. Yours indeed should demand
of me such, as might he a security to you for the advance, you
have been pleased to make me of your Friendship. Bid since
ai present I have nothing fvorth presenting you with ,• and yet
am unwilling to give you any leisure to be diffident of my real-
ness, or to repent for having so easily given me a share in
your esteem, I here send you a Relation of Indostan, in
which you will find stick considerable occurrences, as will make
you confess I could not convey to you a more acceptable present,
and that Monsieur Bernier who hath written it, is a very
Gallant man, and of a mould, I ?vish all TraiJellers were made
of. We ordinarily travel more oid of Unsetledness than
Curiosity, ivith a designe to see Towns and Countries rather
than to know their Inhabitants and Productions; and we stay
not long enough in a place to inform ourselves well of the
Government, Policy, Interests, and  Manners  of its  People.

^ Mr.  Henry Ouldinburgh; see entry No. 10 of the Bibliography,

p.  XXX.

  Page xlix