Bernier, François, Travels in the Mogul Empire A.D. 1656-1668

(Westminster, Eng. :  Constable,  1891.)



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CONCERNING HINDOUSTAN                203

Ormus ; which gold and silver is ■ exported to Hindoustan
by the vessels that arrive every year, in the mausem, or
the season of the winds, at those three celebrated ports,
laden with goods from that country. Let it also be borne
in mind that all the Indian vessels, whether they belong
to the Indians themselves, or to the Dutch, or English, or
Portuguese, which every year carry cargoes of merchandise
from Hindoustan to Pegu, Tanasseri} Siam, Ceylon, Achem,'^
Macassar, the Maldives, to Mozambic, and other places,
bring back to Hindoustan from those countries a large
quantity of the precious metals, which share the fate of
those brought from Moka, Bassora, and Bunder-Abassi.
And in regard to the gold and silver which the Dutch
draw fi-om Japan, where there are mines, a part is, sooner
or later, introduced into Hindoustan; and whatever is
brought directly by sea, either from Portugal or from
France, seldom leaves the country, returns being made in

I am aware it may be said, that Hindoustan is in want of
copper, cloves, nutmegs, cinnamon, elephants, and other
things, with which she is supplied by the Dutch from
Japan, the Moluccas, Ceylon, and Europe;—that she obtains
lead from abroad, in part from England; broadcloths and
other articles from France;—that she is in need of a con¬
siderable number of foreign horses, receiving annually
more than five-and-twenty thousand from Usbec, a great
many from Persia by way of Kandahar, and several from
Ethiopia, Arabia, and Persia, by sea, through the ports of
Moka, Bassora, and Bander-Abassi. It may also be observed
that Hindoustan consumes an immense quantity of fresh
fruit from Samarkand, Bali;' Bocara, and Persia; such
as melons, apples, pears and grapes, eaten at Dehli and

^ The ancient and correct form for Tenasserim, now the southern
division of the Province of Lower Burmah.

^ Acheen, the celebrated emporium at the north of the island of

^ Thus in original; probably a misprint for Balk (Balkh).
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