Bernier, François, Travels in the Mogul Empire A.D. 1656-1668

(Westminster, Eng. :  Constable,  1891.)



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458                                REVENUES OF

Brought forward,   20,00,00,500

18.   Candeys,  of which  the  chief town   is

Brampour,   has   three   Serkars,   three

hundred Pragnas, yielding                          1,85,50,000

19.   Talcngand} which marches on the King¬

dom of Golkonda, in the direction of
Maslipatam, has forty-three Pragnas,
yielding a rental of                                         68,85,000

20 Baganala} which borders the territory
of the Portuguese and the mountain
strongholds of Seva-gi, the Raja who
plundered Sourate, has twelve Ser¬
kars, and eight Pragnas, and yields a
rental of                                                               5,00,000

Total,         .   22,59,35,500

According lo this Memorandum, which I do not believe lo be
very exact or credible, the Great Mogol has an annual revenue
from his lands alone of more than two [sic] Kouroures "^ oJ'

Note on the foregoing Memorandum.

The late Mr. Edward Thomas, F.R.S., formerly in the service
of the Honourable East India Company in Bengal, in his ex¬
ceedingly valuable work, The Revenue Resources of the Mughal
Empire in India, from A.D. 1593 to A.D. 1707 (London, Triibner,
1871) estimates the value of the above return very highly,
although Bernier is apologetic for the table itself and expresses
his distrust of the grand total, which he clearly considered to
be far too large in amount. Mr. Thomas then goes on to say
that 'so far from any excess in the grand total, I am disposed to
impute a deficiency, especially in the complete omission of any

^ Telingana.

^ The cradle of the future Mahratta power ; ' Between the 20th and
21 St degree N. latitude.'—-A'ewKe//.

^ In the original, plus de deux Kouroures, the word twenty being
omitted. This mistake has been copied by all Bernier's subsequent
editors and translators, but see No. 5 of the Bibliography.
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