Bernier, François, Travels in the Mogul Empire A.D. 1656-1668

(Westminster, Eng. :  Constable,  1891.)



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Abstract of the King's Licence.

By the Favour and Licence of the King, dated the 25th April 1670,
given at Paris and signed Masclakay : The Sieur Bernier is per¬
mitted to print, sell and dispose of a book entitled Memoirs by the
Sieur Bernier on the Empire of the Great Mogol, and this during the
time and space of ten years ; all persons of whatever rank and occu¬
pation they may be, are hereby forbidden to print, sell or otherwise
dispose of any other editions than those of the said Sieur Bernier, or
others which he may authorise, under a penalty of a fine of three
thousand livres, and other punishments which are set forth at length
in the Letters of the said Licence.

The said Sieur Bernier has disposed of his Licence to Claude Barbin
for his benefit, in terms of an agreement entered into between them.

Registered in the Book of the Society of Booksellers ^ Printers of
Paris, the \T,ih August 1670.    Signed, Levis Sevestre, Syndic.

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