The Union Theological Seminary in the City of New York

(New York :  Alumni Office,  1970.)



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Arabic numerals alone, following the name, indicate the year of graduation.  When preeeeded by
"p" ("partials" — those who have completed a certain number of hours of study but have not
received a degree) the name will be found in the second alphabetical list under the given year.
Prior to 1870 the year is given in full.  Beginning with 1870 the first two figures are omitted.

Names of members of the Faculty and of others connected with the teaching staff are printed
in capital letters and are followed by roman numerals which refer to the pages preceding the
records of alumni, where records of the Faculty and teaching staff are given.

An asterisk (*) follows the names of the deceased.   Complete records of those deceased prior
to 1926 wUl fae found m the edition of 1926, and of those who died between 1926 and 1936, m the
edition of 1937. Complete records of those who died between 1937 and 1947 appear ta the edition
of 1948, of those who died between 1948 and 1958 in the edition of 1958.

Aalders, Paul Ferdinand Theodoor, '47

Aalfs, Anne Jeanette (Mrs. Lester Schaff),p'32

AaUs. John L., '50

Abbe, Harry Allan Grant,* p'04

Abben, Frieda Grieder (Mrs. A.E.),* p'34

Abbey, Robert Easton, ♦ '82

Abbott, Albert Franklin,* p'75

Abbott, Alexander Hewes,* '06

Abbott, Charles Edwards,* pl839

Abbott, Donald K., '50

Abbott, Edward Johnson,* '95

Abbott, Ephraira Eliphalet Pearson,* pl867

Abbott, Ernest Hamlin,* p'96

Abbott,   Eva Redding, '62

Abbott, Jacob Jackson,* 1845

Abbott, Justin Edwards,• '79

Abbott, Marjorie Flora, SM'44

Abbott, Paul Richard,* p'24

Abbott, Paul Robert, '36

Abdalla, Ibratam, '56

Abdulah, Clive Orminston, '65

Abe, Shiro, p'51

Abel, Mrs. J.W. See Mary Elizabeth Johnson

Abel, Paul Fredefick, '51

Abels, Paul Milford, '65

Abendroth, Emerson Irvin, '55

Abernathy, David Myles, '64

Abernethy, Ann Cornell Greenawalt, '64

Abernethy, Williara Beaven, '64

Abmyer, Harold L„ SM'49

Abney, Jaraes Henry,* '14

Abraham, Andrew. • 1848

Abraham. Clemis, PARS'61

Abraham,   KuruviUa Cherukara, '66

Abraham, Nalathra Mathew, PARS'57

Abrahara, Samuel Daniel, '64

Abrahamson, John Edward,* '91

Abrams, George Randall, * '12

ABRECHT, Paul Robert, xxx, '46

Aburatani, Jirochichi,* p'03

Accola, Floyd L., SM'51

Achilles, Henry Laurence, '15

Achilles, Paul Strong, p'17

Achorn, Alice (Mrs. WilUam Henry Fetaer-

ston). '50
Achtemeier, Paul John, '52
Achtemeier, Mrs. Paul J.   See Betty May Rice
Achtnich, EUsabeth, PARS'63

Acker, Abigail (Mrs. Robert F. Johnson),* p'46

Acker, Henry Jacob,* 1859

Ackerly, George Asa, p'24

Ackerraan, James Stokes, '59

Ackerman, John W., '58

Ackerman, Martin W., p'45

Ackiss, Ernest Lee,* p'23

Acock, Dorothy Ptallips (Mrs. Robert H.), p'53

Acton, Donald Archibald, '45

Adachi, SeUchi, '56

Adair, Arthur Eugene, '43

Adair, Charles Hoadley, Jr. '62

Adair, Mrs. Wm. S.  See Harriet O. Long

Adam, Robert Moser, '14

Adams, Archibald Gmnness * '21

Adams, Audrey E. (Mrs. Vladimir Havsky)

Adams, Carson Wilson,* 1853
Adams, Charles Clarence, * '36
Adams. Charles Duther,* pl850
Adams, David Ernest,^'16
Adams, Edward Bradford, p'05
Adams, Edwin Augustus,* pl866
Adams, Frederic Henry,* 1861
Adams, Garnet OUver, Jr. '47
Adams, George Samuel,* p'97
Adams, Gordon W., SM'69
ADAMS, Hampton, xxxiii
Adams, Hartwell Borden, '25
Adams, James Alonzo,* '70
Adams, Mrs. James H. See Margaret E.

Adams, James Homer, '65
Adams   John Preston, p'55
Adams, Lorraine Mona (Mrs. Wm. Revelle),

Adams, Nelson Falls, SM'54
Adams, Robert Winn, '52
Adams, Rowland Chrisler, '46
Adams, Weldon Longfellow, '68
ADAMS, William, * xiv, xv
Adams, William Hooper,* p'09
Adaras, WUliam Wisner, * 1858
Adamson, Robert W., p'52
Adamson, William Swan,* 1861
Addison, James Thayer,* p'13
Addison, Williara Marlborough, p'30
Addy, William,* 1861
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