A transcript of the registers of the company of stationers of London (v. 2)

(London : Birmingham :  Priv. Print.,  1875-77 ; 1894.)



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1588. [i. e. 8—28 February 1589     j. Hanson. ||^jji^*; ]
31 Elizabeth\je\

.84 feftruatii

master Woodcock Entred for his copie. A letter from the Ffrench kinge vnto his Court of
parlament of Burdeaux Concernynge the Death of the Duke of G UYSE.
Alowed vnder master hartwellcs hand, master coldockes beinge to

the Copie



william Wright

)rif. f£thxmxiU/

Entred for his Copie, to be translated out of Ffrenche into Englishe,
Dyrectyons from the Frenche kinge concerninge the deathe of the Duke
of QuYSE, together with a letter from the kinge to monsieur De Tayan.
Allowed vnder th[e h] andes of master Hartwell and master
Denhams        .......        [no sum stated]

y;):iip trie tteftruairi)

Entred for his Copie a farewell entituled to the famous and [fortunate]
generall[s] of our Englishe forces, Sir JosN NORREYS and Sir
FFRAUNCIS Drake knightes Sfc. / donne by George Peele, And
aucthorised    vnder  the   Bishop   of   londons   hand,   and   master

Coldockes hande beinge to the Copie


mtinto Jxie flTefttttari) / [1589]

Ric Jones            Allowed vnto him for his Copie, A ballad of the life and deathe of

Doctor FFA USTUS the great Cunngerer. / Allowed vnder the hand of
the Bishop of london, and master warden Denhams hand beinge to

the Copie.........vj*

Thomas Cadman./ Allowed vnto him theis twooe Frenche bookes foUowinge,  for his

Copies to be translated into  Englishe, with  master Hartwellcs

•   hand to either booke. / Viz. /

Thomas Cadman/              Declaration  du  Boy  sur Vattentat, felonine   et  Behellion   du

Due de Mayenne, Due and Cheualier  e'Aumalle et ceux

qui les assisteront. /          ......        vj*

solutum magistro denham 26 marcij [1589]   jR.    t^olllflS* /

Thomas Cadman/              Declaration du Boy sur L'attentat, felonine  et  Behellion   des

de   Faris,   Orleans,   Amyens,   et   Abbeville,   et   autres

leurs adherants ....
solutum magistro denham .26. marcij [1589]
II. 616

R. Collyns./
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