A transcript of the registers of the company of stationers of London (v. 2)

(London : Birmingham :  Priv. Print.,  1875-77 ; 1894.)



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[242 ft

5—11 April] Anjio Domini 1589.        [ J. Harison.
Annoque Begni Begin\a]e EUzabeth\cE\ .31.

F. Coldocke.
H. Denham


^nittto trie %^xi\i^.l

John wolf           Lycenced vnto him vnder th[e h] andes of the Bishop of London

and master Denhams

[This beginning apparently relates to the next entry.]

7 a|>rilis

John wolf.           Entred for  his  copie A comparison of the English and Spanishe

Nation : Translated out of French by master II ashley

[no sum stated]

Richard feild       Th[e]art of English poesie beinge before Entred for Thomas orwins
[See p, 506.]        Copie, is by his consent nowe putt ouer to Richard feild    .        vj*

mm trie %pxi\i^.l [1589]

John wonlfe./ Entred for his Copye vnder master Abraham Hartwellcs hand, a
booke in Italyan, Intytuled^ Libretto de Abacho. To be prynted by
him in Italyan and Englishe/. /        .        .        .     [no su7n stated]

[John Wolf]

John wolfe /



John wolfe./

H^ntreeimo Mt ^pxili^J

Lycenced to John wolf vnder th[e h] andes of master Hartwell and
bothe the wardens, theis Copyes foUowinge, to be translated and
prynted in Englishe, viz. / beinge fyve./

Bemonstrance D'un conseiller du Due de SAVOYE a son
Altesse: pour le dissuader d'entreprendre sur la
France. /,,....    [no sum stated]

B^onstrance et^x bons et inyaux Fraheois,  sur   le^nretendu

'U^^ernier. ^c\ [no sum st^ed]

Edi^onnS a Bow^ en Jmlle\

II. 618

Des offices   D'estat auec vn  sommaire   des stratagemes. per
IMonsieur Jacques Hurault, ^c./        .        [no sum stated]
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