A transcript of the registers of the company of stationers of London (v. 2)

(London : Birmingham :  Priv. Print.,  1875-77 ; 1894.)



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[ G;cawoo7i^-^^«^^p-]      1590 [i. e. 13—25 January 1591]                         270

Anno 33^" Begni Begin[a]e ^^Elizabeth[(:e]

jriif^ trie Sanuatif

Master John Har- Entred for his Copie vnder the hande of Master Warden Cawood the
rison tee er / Qpf^Yiishe Schoolemaster conteyninge 7 Dialogues, accordinge to everie
daie in the weeke and what is necessarie everie daie to be donne ^c
wherevnto besides the 7. Dialogues are annexed most fine proverbes
and sentences, as alsoe the Lordes prayre, the Articles of our belief the x.
commaundementes, with diverse other thinges necessarie to be knowen in

the said tonge / By Willyam Stepney


KKf Santtatif

william wrighte/ Entred for his copie vnder the handes of Doctor Stallard and
master Cawood / The strange and grevous martir dome of Thomas
Wllllams, an Englisheman Done in the towne of Dunkerk vppon the

13 of Januarie 1590 [i.e. 1591]


John wolf

23 Mnmtij [1591]

Entred for his copie, vnder th[e h] andes of master hartwell and

the wardens The Pilgrymage to Paradise


Edward white Entred for his copie vnder th[e h] andes of the Bysshop of London
and the wardens, description Veritable Des Batailles victoires et
Trophees Du Due De EARME Both in Englishe and Frenche     vj*

25 iattttal?i|

Edward white Entred for his copie to print vnder th[e h] andes of Doctor
Stallajid and the Wardens / The array[g]nement and Condemnacon
of Arnalt Cose ye for murderinge the lord Burgee       ,       vj*

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