A transcript of the registers of the company of stationers of London (v. 2)

(London : Birmingham :  Priv. Print.,  1875-77 ; 1894.)



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]5 July—8 August] 1594.
86 Elizaheth\_ce\

[U, Wato. I «• cawood. -j


John Legat

Thomas Creede.

John Danter./.

John Danter./.

John wolf.

Peter Shorte /

John danter.

Entred   for

nis   copie,

13 %\%\%\

booke  entituled.
Gonscriptum     a

Compendium librorum
Johanne Ludovico

hauneurentes Doctore medico, et philosopho

Lntratur in Curia tenia hoc die /

^p Sjie Sttlif

Entred for his Copie vnder th[e h] andes of the Wardens. The
lamentable Tragedie of LOCRLNE, the eldest sonne of ICinge Brutus.
discoursinge the warres of the Brittans 8fc    .        ,        .        ,        vj*

Seemtiro Sjrie ^UQxmti^/, [1594]

Entred for his Copie vnder th[e h] andes of bothe the wardens
a   ballad   intituled    a   call    to   Bepentance   to   all   true   Englishe

h[e']artes .

Entred   alsoe
the    wardens

Confession 8fc



his    Copie   vnder    th[e    h] andes    of
other     ballad     entituled     Bellln





Entred for his copie / vnder both the wardens handes, the Articles of
the gyveinge over of Gronig [i. e. Groningen], ^c         .        ,        vj*

ftiif^ %\x^mti

Entred for his copie vnder th[e h] andes of bothe the wardens^ a
booke intituled / The Jeivell house of Art and Nature Conteyninge
sundrie rare and profitable inventions that have hitherto lyen hid in the
bosom of nature, together with sundrie newe and approved experimentes
for th[e']inrichinge of barren groundes / as alsoe the newe arte
of mouldinge and castinge of any naturall or artificiall patron
into gold siluer 8fc written by hughe Platt of Lymcolnes
[i. e. Lincoln^s] Inne gent /      .        .        .        .        .        .        vj*

Entred for his copie vnder th[e h]andes of the wardens, a ballad
intituled / hoive a blacksmith "vsed the rich farmers of Denmark for
raisinge their corne    .        .        .        ,        .        .        .        ,        vj*

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