A transcript of the registers of the company of stationers of London (v. 3)

(London : Birmingham :  Priv. Print.,  1875-77 ; 1894.)



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19—26 June] Anno 1601
43 Beffinla^e


master Short

master Short
[See II., 16.]

master Short

19^ aittttii

Entred for his Copye under the handes of master Doctor Barlowe /
and master whyte warden / Groundes of godlynes; or sentences of
holye scripture ffor ffay the obedience and spirituall Comfort sett Downe
after the maner of Catechisme   .        .        .         .         .        .        vj*

Entred for his Copye vnder the hand of master whyte warden The

Indentures of Deputacon vnder master DarcYE for sellinge of the
pla,yinge Gardes Sfc            .......        vj*

Entred for his Copye vnder the hand of master whyte warden / the

forme of An obligacon to Master DarcYE concerninge the not
makinge of playinge Gardes in England / and concerninge the not
sellinge of any in England without his licence j And concerninge the
not sellinge of any playinge Gardes by his licence but suche onelye as
shalbe bought of him or his Deputye   .        .        .        .        .        vj*

22 Swnif [1601]

Edmond Mattes    Entred   for his Coppie under   th[e] handes of  master   Zachariah

Assigned to John   Paseeild  and master Whyte Warden A booke Called Discourses

o/llirrch 1^609^^     '^P^'^ SenECA the Tragedian......vj*

[i. e. 1610, see fol.
192 b.]

/ / 25i^ mmij 11

Thomas Busshen   Entred for  his  copie vnder the hand of master Wilkinson and
in   full   Court  holden   this   Day  a   booke  called  A   Caveat for




Thomas Purfoote


26 Stmii

Entred for  his  Copye vnder the handes  of my  lordes grace of
Conterburye   and   master   whyte   warden   /   A    booke    called

C[a]esars Dialog [u]e or A familiar Communicacon Conteyninge the
fyrst  Institution   of A subiect   in  his Alegiance to  his  soueraigne

bonne by EN.........vj*

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