A transcript of the registers of the company of stationers of London (v. 3)

(London : Birmingham :  Priv. Print.,  1875-77 ; 1894.)



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10^16 October] 1609.

T'   Uegis.


Richard Moore. Entred for his Copy vnder th' [hJ andes of master Richard Etkins
and ThVardens, A sermon preached at Baules Crosse the 7*^^ of May
1609. by George Benson Doctor of Diuinitye .        .        .        vj* /

Thomas archer.

Master Adams

John Budge

X2 ocUhvin [X609]

Assigned ouer vnto him from Helen ffayrbrand Widowe

half  a   booke   called   heaven   opened    By  master
Cooper minister of GODs woord            .        .        .        vj*

Also another copie called the Boaringe lyon     .        .        vj*
And another copie of humours lookinge glasse .        .        vj*
whiche were william fifayxbrandes copies.

PROVYDED that this entrance shalbe voyd yf any
other man haue right to any of these copies.
Entred by consent of master Standishe Warden.

Entred for his copie vnder th[e hjandes of master Etkins and
master warden Standish A booke called Deuteromelia or musicke,
melodic, or melodious musicke of R. H. Songes of myrth or freemens



Entred for his copie vnder th[e hjandes of master Gabriell
POWELL and Th[e J wardens a booke called Heauenly directions to
the holy Land.........vj*

Master Man
Thomas Man
Jonas Man

16. 0(t0i}Xi»

Entred for their copie vnder th[e hjandes of master Speight and
the Wardens, a booke called the Dignitie of GODs children and the
basenes of all others   ........        vj


Eleazer Edgar.      Entred for his  copie  vnder master Watersons  hand  and master
14. octobris.         WiLSONs. A booke caUed A generall Boeme vpon the death of the most'

worthie and true soldyour Sir FFRANCIS Vere knight          .        vj*

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