A transcript of the registers of the company of stationers of London (v. 3)

(London : Birmingham :  Priv. Print.,  1875-77 ; 1894.)



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[ 188i>                              10 October] 1609.              [ T-D-w-n-lfisTaSr ]

7 Begis

X6. ©ctoiitris [X609]

Master Welby Assigned over vnto hym by mistres Burhy in full Court holden this
daye and with the consent of the master wardens and Assistentes here
present in Court All her right in these copies folowinge vnder this
condycon that yf there shalbe found any indirecte Dealinge herein
by any of the parties to the same Then these copies to be at the
disposicon of the. Company and this entrance to be void       xix^

vi% in /

[See p, 205.]              .1. AU   suche   parte  onely as  shoe  hathe in  master

Gre[eJnehams woorkes in fo[lio.J
[See p. 262.]              ^-  The Christian Warfare /

[See pp. 205 and         ^* Parkins   on  the   Beuelation.  withe   ye   graine   of

"^^^-^                             mustard sede

[See p. 205.]              ^   Laurentius of the eiesight    4^°

[See p. 271.]              5- Master Phillips sermons    4^*^^

6. Her parte in the history of the bible    121^^^^
[See i?. 268.]             .7. Master  Downeham on ye 15 Bsalme and ANTE-


(vide 11 Julij 1610 [See
[See p. 205.]              8. Her parte in master Dentcs Catechisme   I p. 440.] This parte put

( ouer to Henry ffetherston.

9. Her parte in Doctor Morton of Equivocation and

Bomishe positions

[See p. 125.]             l^* '^(^ittes common wealthe the second part

[See p. 310.]             H. Master Wottons defense of Master Barkins

12. Granadocs Devotion

13   The stronge helper.

. 14. The ffourefold resolution

.15. Knighthood. 6. 7. 8. ^.partes

.16. Brimaleon. the .1. and .2. parte[s'\
[See p. 204.]            -17. The Art of Stenographic

18.   The Englishe secretary.    4^0

19.   The pictures, of the kinge. Quene. and 2 princes
20   her part in j5C^(7^iV^C^;S in Englishe

.21. Englandes Barnassus

22.   The sanctuary of the soule Complet[eJ

23.  Learne to Die /

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