A transcript of the registers of the company of stationers of London (v. 3)

(London : Birmingham :  Priv. Print.,  1875-77 ; 1894.)



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[189 ft

16—26 October] 1609

7. Begis

[t. Dawson. {f;|SiS--]

16 ©dofttis

Master Waterson Entred for their copie by order of Court holden this Day. Master
worth.   ^^ '      Dentcs booke vppon the revelation    .        .        ,        .        .       vj^

John Helme

19 ottoJirfe

Entred for his  copie  vnder th[e   hjandes  of  master  Gabriell
POWELL   and   the   wardens   A   booke   called   the   Afflicted   mans



John Busby


[See pp. 411 and

2\ odoi&tis [1609]

Entred for his copie vnder th[e hjandes of master Speight and
Th[ei warden Master waterson A booke called. A true and certen report
of the begynninge procedinges ouerthrowes and nowe present estate of
Captain[es] Ware and Danseker the. twoo late famous pirates from
their first settinge forth to this present tyme as also the fyringe of 25
saile of the Tunis men of warre together with the Death of diuerse of
Wardcs best Captaynes published by Andrew Barker master of A
ship who was taken by the confederates of Ward and by them
sometjymes Deteyned prisoner   ......        vj^

254 OitoMs

Henry Bocket Entred for his copie vnder th [e h] andes of master Speight and the
wardens A booke called/. The ffowre bookes of holie dialogues wrytten
in Latten by Sebastian Castalio and nowe translated into English
by J. D. master of Artes /......vj^

26^ DftdiiriiS

Eleazer Edgar Entred for his copie vnder the handes of master Etkins and the
wardens. ^ The great day of Jacob his trouble and Deliuerance.^ A
sermon preached at Baules Crosse, the v*^ of August 1607 vppon [the
anniversary of] his maiesties Deliuerance from the Erie of GoWRIEs
treason and conspiracie by John Mil ward doctor of Diuinitie vj*
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