A transcript of the registers of the company of stationers of London (v. 3)

(London : Birmingham :  Priv. Print.,  1875-77 ; 1894.)



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[ a.SwSwe. ! S. Waterson.                        14   July 1617 ]                                                          317

[15 Begis Jacohi ]

IMemorandum That I Cervase IMarkham of London gent Do
promise hereafter Neuer to write any more book or bookes to be
printed, of the Deseases or cures of any Cattle, as Horse, Oxe, Gowe,
sheepe, Swine and Goates 8fc In witnes whereof I haue herevnto sett
my hand the 14*^ Day of Julie. 1617./

Geruis Markham

[ 0lliijStratiii^ lioctinttntjS.

8 ]\Iarch 1616.    Second and larger grant by James I. to the Company of

Stationers of London.

• [Some portions of the preamble of this Patent which are but repetitions of the earlier one printed at j9. 42
^have, for want of space, been omitted.]

AIMES hy the grace of GrOD &c. To all Printers Bookesellers and all others
to whome these presentes shall comme G-reetinge Where our deare Sister
Elizabeth late Queene of England by her letters Pattentes vnder the great
Seale of England bearinge date att Westminster the Sixe and twentieth daie
of ffebruarie [1592] in the three and thirtieth yeare of her late raigne did of her
especiall grace certaine knowledge and meere mocon graunt and giue lycence
and priviledge vnto her welbeloved Subiecte verney Alley gentleman and
to his Assignes in Heuercon for terme of thirtie yeares to commence and
begin ymmediatelie from and after the death and decease of John Daie and
Richard Daie his Sonne hy himselfe or by his Assignes to imprint or cause to bee
imprinted the psalmes of Dauid in English meeter and notes to sing t7iem[,] the .A. B. Q.
with the little catechisme and the Cathecisme in English and Latine compiled hy Alex¬
ander NowELL [Dean of St FauVs Church in London] With all othe[r] bookes in
Englishe or Latine which the said Alexander IN'owell before that had made or there
after should make write or translate and had or should appointe to he Printed by the
said VERNEY Alley or his Assignes. And alsoe all such other bookes whatsoeuer as the
saide verney Alley shoulde imprint beinge compiled translated and set forth by anie
■' learned man Att the payement Costes and Charges of the said verney Alley Soe that
noe suche booke or bookes should be repugnant with the holie Scripture or the lawes or
Orders of this Realme as in and by the same letters Pattentes maie appeare, Which said
letters patentes the Administrators and Assignes of the said verney haue assigned and sett
over vnto certaine persons in trust to the vse of the master and keepers or wardens and
Comynaltie of the Arte or misterie of Stacioners of the Cittie of London and theire Successors,
And whereas alsoe by our letters Patentes vnder our great Seale of England bearinge
IJate at Hatfeilde the nyne and twentieth daie of October [1603] in the first yeare of
our Raigne of Englande Efraunce and Ireland and of Scotland the Seaven and thirtieth,
It is menconed that wee for the^ helpe ....       [As on p. 42.]

. . . , . to Rohert Barker and Christopher his Sonne out of the said recited graunt
allwaies excepted and foreprised) with prohibicon to all other the Subiectes of vs our
.heires and Successors to printe .... .       [As on p, 42.]

..... Printed or cause to he printed accordinge to the true meaninge of the same
graunte, And where in and by our saide recited letters Patentes it is further menconed
that wee of our more abundant grace certaine knowledge and meere mocon for the better
releife of the said Corporacon of master and keepers or wardens and Comynaltie of the
misterie or Arte of Stacioners of the Citty of London and theire Successors did give and
graunte vnto the saide master and keepers or wardens and Comynaltie of the mistery or

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