A transcript of the registers of the company of stationers of London (v. 3)

(London : Birmingham :  Priv. Print.,  1875-77 ; 1894.)



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OE   LONDON.    1586—1636.

ALTHOUGH most of the following documents are of a later period
than the date of this Volume; they contain so much important
information respecting the London Master-Printers of its time
that their reproduction here will be found very useful. They
are chiefly the rough Memoranda of Sir John Lambe, Dean of
the Arches, in his enquiries respecting the press, preliminary to
the Star Chamber Decree of 11 July 1637, which will be reprinted in the
next Volume. It must also be remembered that Sir John Lambe was then
carrying out a policy most strongly antagonistic to all free printing.

9 Mat 1615.    The number oe presses aoreeb to be allowed to each printer.

[This List does not include Robert Barker the King's printer, and possibly some others. As on the
27th May 1583 there were 23 printers with 53 presses in London [I. 242], and here only 19 printers with
33 presses : it would seem, even allowing for the King's printing house, &c., as if the book-producing
power had diminished in the interval rather than increased.]

ntasfev Itin0!$ton ge mmUv ixi» note

[As Felix Kingston was not Master till the years 1635-6 and 1636-7, this heading shows that he
extracted the following out of the Records of the Company.]

9" m»ii X0X5.

PO]^ Complaint made to this Court (by the IVfaster printers) of the
Multitude of presses that are erected among them. It is ordered by
Consent of a full Court and agreement of the said IVEaster printers That
none shall haue more presses then are here sett downe


.1. Master Dawson 2 presses
2 Master ffeild 2
3. Master Lownes 2
.4. Master Islip 2
.5 Master Kingston 2
.6. Master Aldee 2
.7. Master Purfoot 2
8 Master Jaggard 2
9. Master Eld          2

.10 Master Stansby 2
State Papers, Dom. James L, Vol. 80. Art, 52., fol. 98.

11. Master Snodham 2 [presses]

.12. Master Beale       2

.13 Master Griffin      2

,14. Master Legatt     2

15 Master white       1

16. Master Creed        1

.17 Master 0[a]kes   1

18. Master Blower     1

.19. Master Purslow   1

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