A transcript of the registers of the company of stationers of London (v. 4)

(London : Birmingham :  Priv. Print.,  1875-77 ; 1894.)



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126                                                      [  2—4 August 1626                      ». Norton. |^;^|^-, J

[ Regni Regis Caroli secundo ]

2« atigu^ti 1626.

Master Butter. Entred for his Copie vnder the handes of master Doctor Goad and
master knight warden. Solomons Vineyard or the True Church wvitten
by Griffin williams Doctor in Divinitye         .        .        .        vj*

Humphry Robins- Assigned ouer to him by master ffetherstone and consent of master

?S^ XXX  ««« -.     knight warden master Egerstones. Catachisme           .        .        vj*.

[See IIL, 393.]          ^

George Miller./    Entred for his Copie vnder the hands of Doctor ffeatly and master

knight warden A sermon Called The Dignitye of Chivalrye by William

Gouge./           .........vj*

Edward Brew-      Assigned ouer vnto him by Master Bladon and Consent of a full
ster.                  courte   holden   this   day  all   his  estate  in  the  Copies  hereafter


[See IIL, 391,470 and 472.] His parte of the Epitome of Phisicke : half.
[See IIL, 597; and i?. 149.] His parte of Balme from Gilead.    half.
[Seep. 84.]                    His parte of Downehams guide,    3'* parte.

Doctor Aireye on the Fhillipians
[See i?. 41.]                    Domesticall duties

[See IIL, 655, 660, 661; I  Master Gatbkmus 9 scrmons    viz.    Spirituall watch.
and i?. 84.]                  J  true contentment,   and the guide to godlines  2 funerall

sermons:      marriage  duties     Christian   Constancye.

Davies remembrancer   and No AH his obedience:

Baines help to happienes.

Whites catachisme

V ^ttftiissti 1626

Edward Brewster Assigned ouer vnto them by Mistris Pavier and Consent of a full

Robert Birde.        Court of Assistantes all the  estate  right title  and  Interest which

Master Thomas Pavier her late husband had in the Copies here after

mencioned        .        .......xxviij^/

[See IIL, 169.]        '        The pathway to the Knowledg[e] of Arithmaticke

[See IIL, 169.]                The history of HENRY the FIFT and the play of the

[See IIL, 169.]                The Spanish tragedie

[See IIL, 93 and 169.]       The first part of' the gentle craft'
[See IIL, 48 and 170.]       The soleme passion of the soules love
[See III.,' 170.]                GODs arroice against Ath[e']isme by master H. Smith

Perkins Consolacion for afflicted Conscience[s']
The sinners sacrifice and the sacrifice of a sorrowfull
[See i?. 183.]                   Master Ballcs and Master JS'ickholcs  Catachisme

with proofes and without /
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