A transcript of the registers of the company of stationers of London (v. 4)

(London : Birmingham :  Priv. Print.,  1875-77 ; 1894.)



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16—23 November 1630]

[ Begni Begis Caroli vj'" ]


Master Allott.

[See IIL, 337
and 365 ; also
pp. 107, 164,
165, and 242.]

[See also IL, 650.]

Memorandum master Blount assigned ouer vnto him all his estate and
right in the Copies hereafter mencioned as appeareth by a note
vnder master Blountes hand, Dated the 26 of June 1630 in the
time of master Warden Purfoote, his [or rather whose] hand
is subscribed therevnto./           .        .        .        .        .          vij^

The Tempest

Two gentlemen of Verona

Measure for measure

Comedie of Errors.

As you like it

AlP well that endes well

Twelfe night

Winters tale

3 part of Henry. 6*
Henry: the 8*

[See IIL, 378.]


TiMON of Athens

Julius Caesar.


Antony and Cleopatra.


17^   aodemiiris 1630

master Sparkes. Entred for their Copie vnder the handes of master Buckner and
WiUiam Turner, master Harison warden, Three sermons vpon the Sacramentes. 1 John.
Henry Curteine     5^ 14 < ^^^ f/^i^ (g fji^ assurance Sfc ' by master Doctor Preston vj^.

19 ^otimlirid 1630.

John Bartlet. Entred for his Copie vnder the hands of Master Austine and Master
Kingstone A booke called. The progresse of Sa[i]nts to full holinesse
being An exposition vpon the 1 of Thessalonians. 6. 19. 20. 21. 22 23.
24. 25. verses by Thomas Taylor D D.....vj^

23^ ^Ddemliris. 1630

Master Bellamye Entred for his Copie vnder the handes of master Austin and master
Kingston warden, A Poeme called Da vies hay nous Synne by Thomas
Fuller   .        .........vj^.

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