A transcript of the registers of the worshipful Company of Stationers (v. 1)

(London :  Priv. Print.,  1913-14.)



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[i:SSb!nBon.}M. Flesher.

9—10 September 1653.]


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More to
Master Mosely.

More Dissemblers besides women                     \

A right woman, or women beware of women   I
No witt, no helpe like a woman                       \ M"^ Tho. Midleton.

The Puritan Maid, modest wife S wanton j
widdow, by                                                  /

The Noble choice, or the orator                       ^

The wandring lovers or the painter

The Italian night-peece, or, the unfortunate

Alexius, the chast gallant, or. The bashfull

A very woman, or, the woman's plot.

The Judge, or Beleive as you lid

The Prisoner, or the Faire Anchoress

The citie honest man, or the guardian

The Spanish Viceroy or the honor of women

Minerva's sacriflce, or the forced lady

The Maids Tragedie, 2^ part.

The crafty merchant, or the souldred citizen, by Shakerly Marmion.

The politique bankrupt, or which is the best girle.           ^

The foole without booke

' by Phill. Massinger.

The foole without booke                     ') ,    ,„    ^

A 1        '      'J.             J.'        .7    f ^y W«» Rowley.

A knave m print or one for another )

The Polititian, by   ...   .   James Shirley.

The Spanish Duke of Lerma x


by Henry Shirley.

Master Mosely.

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Master Mosely.

Master Mosely.
Master Mosely.

The Duke of Guize

The Dumbe Bawd &

Gi/raldo, ye constant lover

The merry devill of Edmonton, by W*^ Shakespeare.

Henry the flrst, S Hen: the 2^, by Shakespeare & Davenport.

The Nobleman or Great man, by Cyrill Tourneur.v

The inconstant lady, by M'^ Arth: Wilson.

Sejlt lOtb 1653

Entred also for his copie a booke called GramMatica Burlesa, A new
English gramer, composed by Edward Buries, M' of Arts and Schoole¬
master of East Acton   .........vj*

Bit pxtti

Entred   ...    a booke called The Academy of Eloquence .       .    vj*

Entred also ... a play called. The Court secret. Written by
James Shirley..........   vj*

Entred also ... a booke called A discourse of Constancy in two
bookes, written in Latine by Justus Lipsius, and Englished by Rich:
Groodridg'e    .       ..........vj*
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