A transcript of the registers of the worshipful Company of Stationers (v. 1)

(London :  Priv. Print.,  1913-14.)



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[l:^'i!i..n.}M.n«h«.                     8 April 1654.]                                           445

8* ^pt.

Master Mosely.      Entred for his copie a booke called Divine Poems written by a Divine, by
Tho: Washbourne B.D.        .                       .....vj*

Bit tott^

Master Mosely.      Entred    .    .    .    A Catechisme by W"^ Gay, Eectour of Buckland, Together
with sundry sermons on sevall texts, by the same authour       .        .    vj*

8tb <»f lUpviM

Master                 Entred    ...    a booke called Theologicall treatises, containing 8 Theses

Hodgkinson.           0/Dmm%, by Rob: Vilvaln D'^ in Phisick  .        ....    vj*

^px. 8tb  1654

[Page 307]           Entred    ...    a booke called The Perfect Horseman, or The experienced

Master Mosely,      secretts of ilf•" Markham's flftie yeares practice.     Published by Launcellott
Thetford Practitioner in the same art for the space of fourty yeares  vj*

Bit totftm

Master Mosely.      Entred    ...    A Tragedie called, Medea, written in lat. by Lucius
Annaeus Seneca.   Englished by Ed: Sherborne Esq'  .       .       .   vj*

Bit totitm

Master Mosely.      Entred    ...    a booke called Philocophus or, the deafe S dumbe mans
friend, by John Bulwer, Gent......       .   vj*

Bit eotrettt

Master Mosely*      Entred    ...    a booke called Pathomyotomia,  or a dissection of the
significative muscles of the affeccons of the mind by John Bulwer, Gent


Hte eotrettt

Master Mosely. Entred ... A comedie called The Maidens Holiday by Christopher
Marlow & John Day   .                              .....vj*

Bit eotrettt

Master Mosely. Entred ... A play called, The Jeweller of Amsterdam, or the Hague.
By M' John Flesher, Nathan Field & Phillip Massinger    .       .   vj*

Bit eotrettt

Master Mosely. Entred . . . two plaies called. The life and death of /S*" Martyn Skink,
w*^ the warres of the low countries, by Rich: Broome, & Tho: Heywood,
& The Apprentices Prize, &c,       .......xij*
  Page 445