A transcript of the registers of the worshipful Company of Stationers (v. 1)

(London :  Priv. Print.,  1913-14.)



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[10—28 April 1654.

M. Flesher.{g: ^l%^,r^,]

[Page 308]
Rich. Lownes.

TOtb of ^pv.  1654

Entred  for his  copie  a booke called  The Art  of Cookery, refln'd S
augmented Collected from the practise of M' Jos: Cooper, chiefe Cooke to

the late King



Stephen Chatfield.    Entred

lOtb ^pvill

a booke called Opus Astrologicum memoriae traditum.

by M' Nich: Culpepper deced.    Salvo &c


Master W"*- Lee.    Entred

12tb  ^pxill  1654

a booke called The Disputation at Winchomb Novemb. 5"

1653.    2* edition, by M"" Clem* Barkesdale minister at Gloces


Nath. Brookes.

15tb ^ptiU 1654

Entred    ...    a  booke  called  Semigraphy
Jeremiah Rich, professor of the said art

or   Short   Writeing,   by
.    vj*


Tho. Newcomhe.

IJtb UpviU 1654

Entred ... a booke called Inauguratio Olivariana sive pro Prae-
faectura Serenissimi Principis Angliae Scotiae et Hiberniae Dom Protectoris
Olivari Carmen votivum, in Latyn and English written by Fitz-Payne
Fisher, Gent...........vj*

^(e eotrettt

Master                 Entred    ...    a booke called Theatri tabidorum vestibulum seu exer-

Tho. Newcomhe.      citationes Dianoetriae cum Historiis et experimentis demonstratinis &g, by

C. Bennett M.D et Col. Londo Sociu.    Lycensed by Erancis Praejean

preces Coll. Maed. Lond. et Edmund Smith, Ed. Emilie, in Latyn and


19^ ^px. 1654

Tho. Brewster.         Entred    .    .    .    A curious, new S playne mapp of England Scotland S

Ireland, or a guide for travellers, and the plaine mans mapp, with a
description of England, Ireland, Scotland S Wales; together wth a
chronologic of sundry remarkeable passages, wch have happened within the
said Nations, from the yeare 1640 vntill the yeare 1654 .        .        .    vj*

2$ fitjptrai 1654

[Page 309]            Entred    .    .    .    A maske S comedie called. The Nuptialls of Peleus S
Henry Herringman.   Thetis, Or the great Royall ball  Acted lately at Paris.    Translated into
English by James Howell Esq'.......vj*
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