A transcript of the registers of the worshipful Company of Stationers (v. 2)

(London :  Priv. Print.,  1913-14.)



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[l'.KiV}W'^-'                      29 June 1660.]                                       271

[12^  Caroli Regis II.]

Wlie 29^^ of Sttue 166p

[Page 196]           Entred for his copies under  the hand of Master Thrale warden, the

Master                 severall plays following; that is to sav.....xiii^

Hum. Moseley.                      r   .7                 &                      .                                                     j

The Faithfidl Friend, a Comedy } by Francis Beamont &

A Right Woman, a Comedy        j     John Fletcher.

The History of Madon, King of Brittain, by F. Beamont.

The Womans Plott, a Comedy

The Prisoners, a Tragi-Comedy

The Honour of Women, a comedy

Beleive as you List, a Tragedy

The forced Lady, a Tragedy

The Tyrant, a Tragedy                            ) by Phillip Massinger.

The Bashftdl Lovers

The Garclian

Philenzo S Hypollita, a Tragi Comedy

Antonio S Vallia, a Comedy

Fast S Welcome, a Comedy

The History of King Stephe7i                  ^

( ■

Duke Humphrey, a Tragedy                     (       ^jjj. ghakgpeare.

Iphis S lantha, or a marriage wit/imit t    -^                         ^

a man, sl Comedy                                 J

The Vestall, a Tragedy                                "^

The noble Triall, a tragi comedy                V by Hen: Glapthome.

The Dutchesse of Fernandina, a Tragedy )

The Sodered Citizen, a Comedy by Shakerley Marmion.

The Fatall Love, a French Tragedy                ^

A Tragedy of a Yorkshire Gentlewoman and > by Geo: Chapman.
her sonne                                                         )

The Royall Combate, a Comedy                           "\

An ill begining  has  a good end, and A bad I v    t^t,,, Fnrrie

begining may have a good end, a Comedy    T   -^
The London Merchant, a Comedy                       J

^fte 29tb of aJtme 1660

[Page 197J            Entred    .    .    .    under ye hand of Master Thrale warden, the severall

Master                  plays following, that is to say......V^ VJ*

Hum. Moseley.         J/   J                   b»                        j                                                                        j

The Nonesuch, a Comedy                                ")

The booke of ye 4 hono^' Lovers, a Comedy > by Willlil Rowley.

The Parliament of Love                                  )

Gustavus, King of Sivethland                           1 .    r^.      Decker

The Tale of Joconda and Astolso, a comedy j   "^        *

The Fatall Brothers, a Tragedy               1 ^   ^^^, Davenport.

The Politick Queen, or murther loill out)   ^                       ^

Nothing impossible to Love, a Tragi Comedy by S' Rob* Le Greece.
The Prodigall Scholar, a Comedy, by Tho: Randall.
The Christmas Ordinary, a Comedy, by Trinity Coll: Oxford.
Love hath found his Eyes, by Thomas Jordan.
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