A transcript of the registers of the worshipful Company of Stationers (v. 2)

(London :  Priv. Print.,  1913-14.)



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[6—8 August 1674.
[26"  Caroli Regis IL]


Jo"' Martin
and Master
Hen. Herringman.


&^ %Vi^mt 1674

Entred for their copies by vertue of an assignemt under the hand and
seale of Andrew Clark cittizen and staconer of London, executor of the
last will & testam* of Elianor Coates widow, who was the relict &
executrix of Eichard Coates late cittizen & staconer of London aforesaid
deceassed, bearing date the 18*^ day of June last past, and by consent of a
full Court held the 3*^ day of this instant August, all his estate, right,
title interest, property, claime and demaund, of, in and to the severall
bookes or copies following viz*       .        .        .        .        .        .    xij^ vj^

Henry the Fifth.

S*" John Oldcastle.

Titus & Andronicus.

Eureolus & Lucretia.

Yorhe & Lancaster.




Yorhshire Tragedy.

The Tempest.

The Two Gentlemen of Verona.

Measure for Measure.

The Comedy of Errors.

As You Lihe it.

Alls Well that ends well.

Twelfe Night.

The Winters Tale.

The third part of Henry the sixth.

Henry the eighth.


Timon of Athens.

Julius Caesar.


Anthony & Cleopatra.


To wch assignem* the hand of Master Warden Eoycroft is subscribed.
Salvo iure cuilibet.

8t»> ^Qmt [sic] 1674

[Page 459]           Entred   .   .   .   under the hands of Master C. Smith and Master Warden

Master                 Mearne a booke or copy intituled The Youths Compendium of Christian

V^ra. Downing.         religion, or a seasonable catechisme for the benefitt of students and young

men that they may hee well principled in religion & furnished with a
rationable and satisfactory answer to all the mistahes heresies and errors of
Papists (& Sectaries that labour to prepossesse their tender minds, that they
might heepe upp our divisions in the next generacon. Usefull in all families
where peace & truth should dwell and for those that are acquainted with the
reasons of our beleiffe S religious practises.    By a sincere lover of peace &

unity & a true sonne of the Church of England

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