Gilchrist, John Borthwick, The Hindee moral preceptor (v. 2)

(London :  Black, Kingsbury, Parbury and Allen,  1821.)



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woon tfiat way, -or oon-hee, just so.
yoon thus, so,   -kur_,  in  this  way,

-hee, so, any way, by chance, for

nothing, accidentally.
hoo, he is,   god, too, -bu hoo, or

hcowu hoowu, exactly, -ka alum, a

desert, dreary wild.
boon  am,    do,   have,   yes,   i,   too,

also, v. 00. -ban, uproar.
oho heigh ! ho !
hoo-a (e or ee)  been, was, is, ago,

done, kya- what's the matter ?
hooha report, ostentation, storm.
uo, and, v. uor, -uo-k. to baric, cor-

rup. of a|0, come, q. v.
huon i, v. g. p. 29.
i or e of's, a, the, v. g. p. 20, 23.
yih, ih, he, she, it, this.   v. yuh.
e  inji. from a, o ! to,   also  aorist

particle, v. g. p. 24,
en   s,   kitab-en,   books,   to,   also

aorist particle, g. p. 25,
we they, those, he, she, it.
-wen til, v. wan. dus-wen, ten-ih.
ye they, these, pi. of ya, q. v.
yeh this, v. yih.
he or uhe, o! holla !
ben  well!    -hen !   c'est une autre

chose, (mine) is all my own.
ee fern,  abstract adj.  and emphatic

particle, v. g. p. 21. art, hast, Sfc.

my, jan-ee my life !
een this, verbal fern. pi. of ee for

iyan, t'. een, -ja here.
ween  ly, v. g. p. 19.
hee essence, life, very, also the em¬
phatic ee thus euphonised, just, in

fact, self, even, indeed, Sj-c. v. g.

p. 22. -oo, mind, soul.
eeh for yih, &c. -an here.
heen the pi. or nazalised hee. g. p.

23.   the  modified iian in  nu-heen,

no,   nay, -ban, concession.
uen visible in m'Uen,_v. g. p. 26, 28.
ue o .' this, -sa, so, -la, this one.
wue  iJiat, -sa,   like-  -la,   yon,  o!

ho ! fy ! for we, which see.
hue art, is, Jiave, hast, do, be, yes,

-hue alas ! woes me ! v. ba^e.
huen are, have, do.
-um, yum, wum, hum, i, my, me,

own, mine, am, d, th, mangoe,
umm uncle paternally.
-wum -yum, v. um,
wuhm suspicio-n,fear, thought, -ee,

-fid, wahim, -u, -us.

mm.    mb,    mn.

uhumm important, moohimra.

yum, jum, angel of death, v. um.

yumm sea, ocean.

huuxwe, us, i, -en, -on, us, vie, also,
even, same, likewise, with, together,
similar, mutual, con, col, fellow,
-ara, our. -wutun countryman.

am, arnb, mangoe. v, um.

amm common, general, -ee usual, pi.
uwamm, (-oon-nas) commonality.

warn debt, credit, lending, borrowing.

yam i'. yuom.

oornm mother, v. umraa,

bom worship, sacrifice, -na or -k. to-.

yUom day, time, -ee -ly. -iya, daily

food, -ool hisab, -of judgment, -ool
hushr, of resurrection, pi.- ueyam,
days, season, weather.

-em -eem, we, are, have, had, 8^c.

ununa but, moreover,  still, mother.

bum- u all, the whole, -gee v. hum.

hooma plioenix, eagle, 8^c. -yoon, au¬
gust, auspicious.

hoomma fet'er.

hoomma bore or swell of the tide.

umuyu sickness.

ameen umeeii, amen !

hamee protector, defender, himayutf

ummoo uncle, v. umtn.

commee illiterate, unknown.

oomee ear of corn half ripe.

umee nectar.

humee am, was, 5fC. then. v. mee.

eema /. hint, nod, wink, sign.

u^ema, uema fef, charity- lands,
-dar, holder.

henia wood, Jiiel.

hwmep vanity, egotism.

bnmam bath, bagnio, mortar, -ee.

imam priest, leader, chief, -ut,

umamu, imamu turband, tiara.

umoom common, universal, v. amm,

umba mango, v. am.

umboh crowd, heap, mob.

hamph- na, to- pant.

umbiya small mango, pi. of nubee,
prophet, q. v.

umbur sky, clothes.

umbur, unbur ambergris, -een,
-chu, smelling bottle.

umbar stock, magazine, -ee, canopy.

umhaz partner, -ee.

yamn felicity, happiness.

yumun   arabia felix, musical mode.

uman,   aman   safety, ul-   quarter !

I   umun- secure, safe.
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