Key officers of foreign service posts (May 1988)

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Posts with APO/FPO Numbers:

APO/FPO Address*

Commercial Section
American Embassy
FPO New York 09526

International Address*"*

Commercial Section
American Embassy
P.O. Box 26431***
Manama, Bahrain

Posts without APO/FPO Numbers:

Diplomatic Pouch Address*

Commercial Section


Department of State

Washington, D.C. 20520-5110

(See pages 82-85 for 9-digit ZIP Code explanation and listing)

International Address**

Commercial Section
American Embassy
Jubilaeumstrasse 93***
3005 Bern, Switzerland

NOTE: Do not combine any of the above forms (e.g.,international plus
APO/FPO addresses). This will only result in confusion and possible delays in
delivery. Mail sent to the Department for delivery through its pouch system
for posts with APO/FPO addresses cannot be accepted and will be returned
to the sender.

*Use domestic postage.

**Use international postage.

***Use Street Address only when P.O. Box is not supplied.

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