Key officers of foreign service posts (May 1988)

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ST. JOHNS (E), FPO Miami 34054; Tel [809] 462-3505/06;

Telex 2140 USEMB


AMB:    Paul A. Russo

ADM:   Annette J. Moore

(resident in Bridgetown)

RSO:     Andrew W. Koritko

CHG:    Robert W. DuBose, Jr.

(resident in Bridgetown)

ECO:    Eric Sandberg

PAO:     Frank Chiancone

CON:    Daniel Darrach

(resident in Bridgetown)

COM:    Stafan Nelgesen

IRS:      Tom R. Edward

(resident in Port of Spain)

(resident in Caracas)

LAB:     Charles R. Hare

AID:     James S. Holtaway

(resident in Bridgetown)

(resident in Bridgetown)


BUENOS AIRES (E), 4300 Colon

ibia, 1425; APO Miami 34034;

Tel [54] (1)774-7611/8811/9911; Telex 18156 USICAAR

AMB:    Theodore E. Gildred

SCI:      Robert G. Morris

DCM:    Robert E. Service

AGR:    J. Dawson Ahalt

POL:     Robert C. Felder

PAO:    Frederic A. Coffey

ECO:    Emil Castro

ODA:    Col Charles N. Nielsen

COM:    David S.Yonker


LAB:    John J. La Mazza

MlLGP:Col John F. Murray USA

CON:    Thomas L. Holladay

IRS:       Vincent Gambino

ADM:   Sandor Johnson

(resident in Sao Paulo)

RSO:     Edward F. Gaffney



CANBERRA (E), Moonah PL., Canberra, A.C.T. 2600;

APO San Fran 6404; Tel [61] (62) 705000; Telex 62104 USAEMB

AMB:    Laurence W. Lane, Jr.

MNL:    James M. McGlinchey

DCM:    Richard W.Teare

RSO:     Robert A. Conrad

POL:     JohnE.Kelley

SCI:       Russell A. La Mantia

ECO:    Tain P. Tompkins

AGR:    James V. Parker

LAB:     Louis F.Licht 111

PAO:     Wesley D. Stewart

CON:    James M. Roth

ODA:    Col R. Dean Stickell USAF

ADM:    Donald F. Ramage

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