Key officers of foreign service posts (May 1988)

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HARARE (E), 172 Rhodes Ave., P.O. Box 3340; Tel [263] (14) 794-521
Commercial Section: 1st FL, Century House West, 36 Baker Ave.;
Tel [263] (14) 728-957; Telex 4591 USFCS ZW

AMB:    James Wilson Rawlings           LAB:

DCM:    Edward F. Fugit

POL:     Gerard M. Gallucci                   AGR:

POL/ECO: Paul B. Larsen

CON:    Arthur H. Mills II                     AID:

ADM;    Richard A. Megica                    PAO;

RSO;     John P. Gaddis                         DAO:

Paul M. Almeida
(resident in Johannesburg)
Roger F. Puterbaugh
(resident in Pretoria)
Allison B. Herrick
Charles L. Bell
Ltc Kim J. Henningsen US


Unofficial commercial and other relations with the people of Taiwan are
maintained through a private instrumentality, the American Institute in
Taiwan, which has offices in Taipei and Kaohsiung. The addresses of these
offices are:

AMERICAN INSTITUTE IN TAIWAN (Taipei Office), 7 Lane 134,
Hsin Yi Road, Section 3; Tel 002* [886] (2) 709-2000; Telex 23890

88 Wu Fu 3d Road

The Taipei office of the Institute operates a trade center located at
600 Min Chuan East Road (Tel 713-2571).

For further information, contact the Washington office of the American
Institute in Taiwan, 1700 N. Moore St. (17th FL), Arlington, Va 22209,

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