Annual report of the Board of Directors to the stockholders at their annual meeting ...

([New York] :  The Edision Electric Illuminating Co. of New York  )



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  1896: Page 22  


evidence of the thorough way in which the interests of the Com¬
pany and its employes are now knit together. The staff of the
Company are joining in providing for a suitable memorial for
Mr. Smith, toward which the Company is also contributing.

Previous to Mr. Smith's death, it had been proposed to promote
Mr. J. W. Lieb, Jr., Assistant General Manager, to the post of
General Manager—a promotion which he had fully earned.
Mr. Lieb was the first on the pay rolls of the Company at the
old Pearl Street Station, leaving its service for the work in
Milan, Italy, which occupied him until his return to the service
of the Company in 1894, and his wide experience and technical
training have made him a most valuable officer of the Company,
not only co-operating with Mr. John Van Vleck, the Constructing
Engineer, in the engineering development of the Company, but
keeping a careful oversight also of the operating department.
This department had been so thoroughly organized before Mr.
Smith's death, with capable superintendents in charge of each of
the two districts, that it did not seem necessary to continue the
office of General Opeiating Superintendent.

The decrease of operating expenses and the extension of the
Company's business have made it possible to consider a further
reduction of the Company's prices for current, and careful at¬
tention has been given to this matter during the latter part of
the year in the hope of revising the schedule to the satisfaction
of our customers and the public the early part of the new year.


First Vice-President.
  1896: Page 22