Annual report of the Board of Directors to the stockholders at their annual meeting ...

([New York] :  The Edision Electric Illuminating Co. of New York  )



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for thus finding a peaceful settlement of their difficulties through
arbitration in place of a strike, which must have resulted in
serious loss—an example that it is hoped will bear fruit outside
the limits of that union, and be in a large way to the interest
both of the city and of organized labor.

Electrical Developments.

The use of electricity for heating and cooking has shown
some, though not great development, and it is hoped that reduc¬
tions of rates will stimulate this use. The electrical kitchen in
the Company's building in Duane St., from which the Friday
Staff luncheon is always served, has been a useful objectdesson
of the simplicity and convenience of cooking by electricity, and
an illustration showing the neatness and compactness of this
method, is given with this report. The use of electric carriages,
carrying storage batteries which are charged from this Com¬
pany's system, has become a part of the public cab service in
New York, and the Company is planning for supply connections
in the street, with automatic meters, which may permit more
general use of electric vehicles.

The Officers and Superintendents of the Company have rend¬
ered most efficient service during the year, as is evidenced
by the satisfactory results of the Company's business. It is
my great satisfaction to acknowledge that these results have
been reached by the co-operation of the employes In the hum¬
blest posts, each in his measure, as fully as by that of the most
important officer. The Company's development has steadily
outrun the estima.tes of growth, and it is evident that the
1,000,000 16 c. p. equivalent installation point will be reached by
1903. In view of this phenomenal growth, the Company's en¬
gineers have for the past year again been giving most careful
attention to the problems of the future, and are reaching results
and working out plans for the new century which will doubtless
commend themselves to the judgment of those most concerned,
when they are ready for publication.


First Vice-President.
  1897: Page 27